RCA Vs Issue Identification

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Root cause analysis is a problem-solving process involving the search for the key explanation why a particular occurrence or misfortune occurs. It is presumed that the elimination of the trigger factor solves the problem directly. This method does not target symptoms, but instead traces the trigger that removes them. In the other hand, the detection of problems actually aims to analyze those circumstances in order to find a solution. While the former is specific in the manner of solving the problem by removing the cause, the latter finds ways to make problems manageable in the interest of cost, opportunity cost, possible alternatives, or any other reason. Therefore, the latter may settle with treating the symptoms as opposed to dealing with the root cause.

Case Study Research

Sologic is one of the companies that have utilized the technique of root cause analysis to come up with solutions to its problems. It has applied it in various situations that involve its service to customers, management, manufacturing, quality-control, and reliability (Sologic, 2011). Some of the issues dealt with include the reduction and elimination of costs related to IT services termination, the recurrence of IT problems, and the maintenance of internal confidence in its Enterprise Management Program. These problems are of high magnitude when associated with the aerospace industry and are extremely expensive. Sologic’s EPM team sought universal solutions to these issues, which, in turn, eliminated several related costs and inconveniences faced by their customers. Over a 10-year period of research, the EPM group came up with a standard problem-prevention mechanism based on its root-cause analysis. Some of the solutions include the utilization of clearly-set criteria and the application of a LEAN value stream mapping to RCA. Once a particular problem was solved, a step-by-step report would be documented and archived for future reference and the education of the internal business units to prevent recurrence of the issue.


Sologic. (2011). Leading Aviation and Aerospace Company Used Root Cause. Retrieved from http://www.sologic.com/sites/default/files/Root-Cause-Analysis-Case-Study-Aviation-Aerospace-IT.pdf

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