Racism is a major issue in the world today

Racism is a big problem in today’s world. Many people are unaware of the extent to which prejudice persists in our workplaces, classrooms, and other places where our social lives take place. Racism is still incorrect today, as it was decades ago, but it hasn’t entirely vanished. Racism does exist, and it is past time for people to begin searching for viable solutions to this danger. No one is born a racist; rather, children imitate the actions of adults as they grow older. Racism is simply a human perception that some individual of a particular race is perceived to be more superior as compared to other people in the society. Discrimination and racism have played a greater role in encouraging hatred and fear among people in the community. Various theories of racial superiority were common in the earlier century and had a more significant contribution to the current racial abuses that are witnessed in the society today. The current racial abuses are not however based any particular scientific belief (Bass 12). Racism is resultant of a quite complicated interaction that exists in the modern society. Racial discrimination can exist in the current practices, social actions or simply the political system. Racism is based on the wider concept that human beings can be categorized into various distinct groups that are distinct in their social behavior. The racism ideology exists in different aspects of social life. The various social action that is often associated with the racism factor includes hierarchical ranks, Segregation, supremacism, otherness, xenophobia, and another phenomenon.

Present Information

Racism is destructive; racism directly disempowers people in the society and create a division that is unnecessary. Racism is the opposite of the democratic principle of equality and the rights that everyone deserves to be treated equally and with dignity. Understanding the nature and concept is quite essential to understanding the entire course of this vice to get the root course on how it can be cleared from our society.

Racism beliefs are just misconception that people have and are based on certain racial lines that are mentally created among the people. All the basic principles which people base on why discriminating others have no clear scientific proof. For instance one of the basic things, why people discriminate against others, is the belief that certain languages are superior as compared to other; they fail to understand that language is used for communication and once that is achieved then language loses its meaning.

The racial attitudes always come out in some way that includes making the stereotyped assumption about others and certain common expressions that undermine other people. The practices are often enforced by the existence of the social attitude among the people. Various typical examples of racism behavior in our current society today includes racism propaganda, ridicule, property damage, racial harassment, racial vilification and the most extreme racial acts that have been witnessed in the world today is genocide and ethnic cleansing.

Various Hypotheses

Petite information has been provided on the impacts of introductory of the anti-racism subject in schools. The introductory of anti-racism in schools can mean that the restructuring most parts that form the education sector, this paper will, therefore, base its argument on the fact that introduction of anti-racism in schools will help in alleviating racial abuses in the society (Luckmann 27).

The discussion about racism is extremely various sensitive topics ever to introduce in schools. The introduction of such sensitive discussion often causes anxiety among the learners. Most students also feel that they are well informed about this subject and therefore introducing it is also a waste of time. The students of both races might feel quite self-conscious and uncomfortable when such topics that are quite sensitive are introduced. The overall complication that surrounds the introductory process, therefore, raises various questions on whether the introductory can help solve the problem of discrimination considering the various issues that surround the whole process.

Prejudice and bigotry fuel racism actions, and it is difficult to change even if it is strongly confronted. The racism actions result from growing up in a community where racism is a norm (Bass 14). Racism acts can be taxing and emotionally traumatizing to the victims. Individuals should learn to surround themselves with a trusted system of trusted persons who can build both the psychological and emotional strength. The stress of coping with racism can have an impact on each aspect of life and a risk factor for major diseases and can be detrimental to school performance and mental wellbeing.


Racism course might have little or no impact on how students think. The whole matrix of racism is quite deep-rooted and not as it is perceived and rooting it out requires another mechanism to be put in place and not just in the education sector alone. The society should be well-educated in the ability to tolerate other without considering the race of an individual. Introducing the topic to students who have no clue or have very little information on about racism opens up wounds of those who have been previously abused. The parties concerned must thus come up with other mechanisms that will ensure that people fully understand the whole concept of discrimination before introducing its schools.


In conclusion, racism is not an attribute that people are born with, but it is based on how individuals are raised and what they learn as they grow up. There are numerous solutions that can be used to end racism for good, but that does not mean racism will end racism for good, instances of racism will still be felt as long as we live. What individuals and the government should do is to try and minimize its spread. The world will be a better place if people learn to tolerate one another and live in harmony without racial abuses.

Individuals who are educationally and emotionally disadvantaged need help regardless of the race or origin. The race-targeted and race qualified to help those in need might not solve the problem but will keep the racial abuses alive. Individuals of all races must work together to find answers to the problem. The citizens should be educated that people are same regardless of their color. It should also be noted that the racial discrimination attitudes cannot be changed by political rhetoric and public laws. The citizens themselves should take the initiative to abandon this behavior at the personal level. The nation will not only be better, but stronger if we end racism at present. The economy can prosper and put an end to the police brutality. The world can live in the less fear and worry.

Works Cited

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