Racism and Racial Segregation

Response to query 1
My first recollection of racism was when I used to be in Grade three in a private college where the majority of the adolescents were white. We have been putting up a play about Jesus. An African American boy desired to play Jesus, and we laughed at him telling him he was black and may want to not act Jesus.
Response to Question 2
I grew up in a multiracial-multicultural environment. The racial variations were extra evident in school than in the community. Segregation on the groundwork of race was greater common at faculty than it was at home.
Response to query 3
In high school, there had been whites, Hispanics, Asians and African American. The most common racial members of the family were between the whites and blacks as well as whites and Hispanics. The interactions that I have encountered have been healthy ones. Everyone seemed to accept the other, and racial interactions were positive. Interracial dating was common among the Hispanics and whites.

Response to Question 4

Foothill is a highly diverse institution with various racial relations. There are whites, blacks, Arabs, Asians, and Hispanics. I have not encountered any racism on campus.

Response to Question 5

The most important thing that our country needs to do now about the race is to continue making changes and acknowledging the rights of the other races.

Response to Question 6

The most important thing that Foothill College could do about the race is to enhance racial relations through social interactions.

Response to question 7

The biggest challenge I encounter while discussing the race and racism is the problem with white privilege. Whites feel they are superior to other races and they are not subject to racial discrimination

Response to question 8

I am white

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