Race, injustice, and social construction

Race, injustice, and social construction are some of the most pressing issues that humans face today. While it is undeniable that race is not biological, disagreements persist over how this reality does not make the race any less accurate. It has both social importance and significance since both public policy and private action support it. The easiest way to observe this is to watch how immigrants entering the United States are categorized.
Following my viewing of Race – The Power of Illusion, Part 3: The House We Live In, I am persuaded that the only way to end racism, racial discrimination, can only arise from a multiracial national reconciliation and discourse. The film depicts how equity is not observed in projects that ought to observe equity. For instance, it shows how the federal administration’s efforts to broaden home ownership in New York and Levittown, however, it is the whites who dominate the incoming residents. On the other hand, blacks face trouble trying to access such racially-exclusive areas and loans subsidized by the government since their neighborhoods were perceived as very insecure.

The film depicts how it could be possible for the United States to be a society that is “colorblind.” It provides an analysis that remains the same, giving a lie to the claim that the society we live in today is a post-racial one. This third part of the three-part series is my favorite since it is the most helpful in understanding the present situation of racial issues in the United States. It brings out the social structure of race, how the ethnic immigrants from Europe turned to be racially white, also how the white people benefited from the affirmative action.

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