Quantitative and Qualitative Paradigms

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The idea of intervention has given students some relaxation as a result of the ability to carry out such tasks in the course. According to Ponterotto (2013), the students were then given
the opportunity to devise responses to the compound content used in the course. In addition, they were given the opportunity to respond to the different pre-designed instruments that separate individual attitudes and tendencies. In the class, the students had the chance to impose direct change and gather necessary knowledge about the problem. Similarly, the intervention’s impact on learning inside and outside The students will also have better communication skills when clustered in groups to carry out a research program.
A descriptive research method would best provide answers to the additional questions. Nevertheless, positivism is the only finding that the investigation can attain from descriptive research. Similarly, the narrative analysis will play a role in the attainment of results from the research questions being used. Researchers should hardly ignore the importance of pragmatism in the research process. Nevertheless, a multi-perspective analysis will not offer the desired required help in qualitative research practices (Frost, 2011).

Ethical Issues

Openness is a major concern in the research process with an ideal goal of displaying the right steps to attaining their goals. According to Frost (2011), it is essential to find the best ways of dressing the research questions.

In the week two discussion, segmentation of the research process was the ideal motive to the attainment of suitable outcome required. However, the difference can be noted with the use of pluralism and triangulation compared to the selective approach that was being used by the instructors.


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Ponterotto, J. G. (2013). Qualitative Research in Multicultural Psychology: Philosophical Underpinnings, Popular Approaches, and Ethical Considerations. Qualitative Psychology, 19-32.

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