Qualitative study

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The persistent depressive disease is seen as a persistent type of depression, generally referred to as dysthymia. In most cases, patients suffering from this form of depression, besides feeling poor, depressed, loss of productivity, and often low self-esteem, often lose confidence in normal everyday activities. These situations are long-term and do not intervene quickly and dramatically with people’s relationships at school, jobs, or their everyday lives. That is why, in the care of depression patients, much of my focus and concentration would be necessary, as with a clinical psychologist.
Qualitative Method
Most of the previous researches regarding the disorder have been using the quantitative approach since it is exploratory research and is meant to gain more understanding of the underlying information concerning the disorder (Frost, 2011). In my opinion, the main aspect of this topic that should be studied using the approach is what Dysthymia causes.

Qualitative Research Designs

There are five main types of qualitative research designs which include the phenomenology which primarily describes the experiences as they occurred, which defines the purpose such as the types of problems that exists and Ethnography which focuses on the characteristics of the culture (Frost, 2011). Besides there are also Historical which provides the description of the past events to help in the understanding of the present and potential future effects and finally case study design which analyses the depth experience of a person (Frost, 2011). The most appropriate research design is case study since it will help in the establishment of the cause through the direct interaction with the patients (McMillan & Schumacher, 2014).

Case study

The main method is the direct interaction and observation with the client. The analysis involves the synthesis of experience with expected outcome of in-depth description of the experience. Data collection methods include interview, observation and field notes..


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