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Public speaking, which may also be referred to as oral or oral speaking, is the act or method of a person or a group of people speaking to a live audience. Mainly, the object of public speaking is to inspire, persuade and ultimately educate the audience (Keith 146). Public speaking is also linked to vulnerabilities and abilities. Not all public speakers completely meet the qualifications needed for public speaking. At the end of the public speaking time, a public speaker should offer everything to the crowd to take home. This essay is going to give a detailed analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of a public speaker and an analysis of the performance of the late Dr. Leo Buscaglia in comparison to the video on Randy Pausch public speaking.

From Randy Pausch’s public speaking, there are many strengths and weakness evident. To begin with, the context of Randy’s public speaking is always memorable. A useful background is one of the strengths that make his public speaking absorbing and people get excited about it. A reader would not be in a position to read or review Randy’s work because of the emotional impact that his context has on his audience. There are also five presentation techniques which are timeless that enhance the strength of public speaking. The first one is the way in which he introduces the topic of discussion to the audience. In his lectures, Randy Pausch always presented his speech to the public in the most appealing way possible and ensured that the stress in the audience is released (Gillis 125). Secondly, the mode of defining the scope improves the strength of a public speaker. Randy always introduced to the public what he was going to talk about and that which he was not going to talk about in his speech. This criterion ensures that the audience is aware of what one is going to address. Thus, there will be no expectations of something a topic the speaker is not going to talk about from the audience.

Thirdly, framing in one’s heart what to talk about before beginning the speech is the strength. Framing enhances the speech, and a speaker can gain courage on what to talk about (Butterfield 130). When speech is framed, there will be no stammering or losing focus when passing information to the public since the speaker has the key lesson in mind. Randy Pausch always had what he was going to tell the public in his mind, and this made his speech so attractive and caught to his audience. Fourthly, showing enthusiasm when delivering speech gives delight to the public and traps their attention too. One is supposed to smile, laugh and make funny movements several times in the midst of their speech (Butterfield 129). Randy laughed and smiled in most of his presentations. Finally, having a definite conclusion marks the height to which the speech will be memorable. The way in which a speaker ends a speech is a determinant of the strength of the statement. If the statement ends in a dull manner, the audience is likely to forget everything else the speaker had presented to them. How a speech ends is also strength from Randy addresses.

The weaknesses of public speaking about Randy Pausch public speaking are less compared to the strengths. Giving a speech which is not related to college performances and studies is one of the weaknesses. The main weakness of the statements from Randy is that most of his public speaking lecturers are not college speeches. A speech lacking college content makes it hard for college students to get assistance from his speeches.

Comparing the performance of Dr.Leo Buscaglia and that of Randy Pausch, there are similarities in both performances. Both are determined in passing their information to the public in the most peculiar manner possible. They are fluent in their speaking and are also critiques of human deeds and actions. Dr. Leo in most of his speeches talks about love and encourages the public by telling them that the time is now when they should act on love (Chapman 140 ). Both, Randy Pausch and Dr. Leo raised the standards of their performance because of their close attachment to their audience and their delivering of high standard speeches. Dr. Leo believed in great performances, he was unselfish, had the honor and a great deal on the sacredness of obligations just like Randy Pausch (Berman 122). These are similar performance characteristics which increased the popularity of their performances and made them remain memorable to their audience and even anyone who happens to read their speeches.

In conclusion, public speaking is a demanding task which requires efficient performance to ensure that the audience does not get bored with one’s performance or even speech. In this context, Randy Pausch and Dr. Leo applied their public speaking techniques to their level best. As a result, the speeches and lectures they have ever made in their lifetime have remained not only in the hearts of their audience but also in the hearts of those who happen to read their speeches and lectures. However, public speaking requires the best qualities for it to be efficient and to be memorable.

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