Public smoking effects

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Smoking in public is one of the most contentious issues in the world today. Most smokers believe that if they feel the urge to smoke, regardless of their venue, it is their right to smoke. On the other hand, non-smokers claim that they have the right to breathe air free of smoke of any sort. The government has introduced numerous steps in most states to ensure that individuals breathe air free of any harmful material that can lead to several health complications. In various countries, smoking in public has been banned following a wide variety of smoking-related adverse effects. Therefore, this paper addresses the meaning of prohibiting smoking in public. Tobacco use in public releases smokes to the environment also affecting nonsmokers. Arguably, secondhand smoke has several serious negative health consequences not only to smokers but also to the nonsmokers. The passive smokers are substantially affected by the smoke released in public by cigarette users. Notably, the smoke released in public is likely to cause respiratory diseases to the people who inhale the toxic smoke. For instance, passive smoking is likely to cause respiratory illnesses like asthma, bronchitis, and pneumonia both to the smokers and passive smokers. Additionally, passive smokers are at a higher risk of contracting a broad range of tobacco-related diseases, including lung cancer, stroke, and heart problems. Such conditions can cause deaths to the affected persons.

People have the right to a healthy environment. Therefore, different governments strive to ensure that the people inhale air free from any toxic smoke for it is inappropriate to infringe other people’s rights. If the government legalizes public smoking, the right to a healthy environment for the people is violated. One of the primary objectives of the government is to ensure that people enjoy their rights fully. If public smoking legalized, the passive smokers’ rights shall have been violated. Therefore, to ensure that people enjoy their freedom, it is necessary to ban public smoking because it violates the right to a healthy environment.

Also, public smoking results to release of lingering odor of stale cigarettes. Most people find the smell of cigarettes unpleasant. Therefore, it is inappropriate to legalize public smoking, as the smoke released from the cigarettes is a nuisance to non-smokers. Banning of public smoking is also appropriate as the act negatively influences not only mature people but also children into smoking. Legalizing public smoking is likely to attract most of the people into smoking without establishing the effects brought about by smoking. Exposing children into smoking is inappropriate, as they are not in a position to distinguish wrong from good. To prevent children from smoking, public smoking should be banned so that they may not be lured to smoke.

Banning of public smoking is appropriate as it limits exposure of nonsmokers to the smoke from cigarettes that has various adverse consequences on human health. The ban also ensures the toxic smoke that may cause health complications does not affect the passive smokers. In different nations, the government has banned public smoking because of its various negative consequences. Although it is illegal to smoke publicly in most of the countries, some smokers still smoke cigarettes in public. It is imperative for the government to put strict penalties for those who smoke publicly to discourage people from the act. Additionally, the authorities should conduct patrols to ensure that there are no smokers who violate the law restricting public smoking.

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