Psychology is the study of human behavior including both the psychical and mental aspects.

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Psychology is the study of both the social and mental aspects of human behavior. This course is also relevant in fields such as mental health, school reform, job challenges and many other areas of society’s day-to-day activities. I have experienced many huddles and encounters in the area of psychology as a psychology student who is currently handling a course referred to as human development enshrined in the psychology department. I have gone through several subjects in my journey through the course, but the life cycle of adulthood was my favorite. Learning about the life cycle of adulthood was insightful, as it helped me realize the intricacies of human nature. Adulthood is an important stage in life, since it demonstrates an increase in one’s maturity and capability of reasoning. Moreover, it highlights that incorporating personal decisions is crucial in accelerating the chances of prospering in life. Consequently, the topic demonstrates that adults are problem-solvers, and this aspect intrigued me, as it outlined that most grown-ups prefer being peaceful with their neighbors, because they are aware of the negative effects of disagreements. The characteristic makes it possible for adults to live in peace with each other to build a harmonious society. Finally, the argument that adults utilize their past and present knowledge to nurture themselves was educative. The aspect makes it possible for them to be successful and create new ideas in their workplaces for success.
The topic on the lifecycle of adulthood was interesting, because it covered issues concerning the learning process of adults. Also, it was enlightening, since there has been maximum research conducted on the matter to ensure that educators understand the intricacies of adult learning. Studying this topic gave me insights into the theory that exists for the practice of adult education coined by Malcolm Knowles. According to David Kaufman in the article Applying Educational Theory in Practice, “Malcolm Knowles introduced the term “andragogy” to North America, defining it as “the art and science of helping adults learn” (2003, p.214). Research conducted by Knowles introduced a series of principles that were used to explain adult learning. Some of the principles included: adults need to know the reason for a training session; the fact that adults enjoy teaching themselves; the need to build on knowledge that is already acquired, and many others.
My participation in the discussion assisted me in understanding the topic, since it brought to light some of the issues that affect adult learning. The principles that Knowles initiates summarizes the many barriers educators face when it comes to adult teaching, because they are misguided by the diverse theories taught in learning institutions. Learning about these principles was crucial in my journey to become a better adult. However, the fact that the internal factors motivate grownup people to learn more than the external ones undermined my understanding, as I feel that aspects like poverty are big motivators for learning, since it is an external influencer. Perhaps, it was one of the areas that I need clarification on to ensure that I gain a full understanding of the topic.
On the other hand, aside from Knowles principles, I believe that a look at Donald Schön’s reflective practice principle would have been another approach to gain additional information concerning adult learning issues. Schön stipulates that “…formal theory acquired through professional preparation is often not useful to the solution of the real-life “messy, indeterminate” problems of practice” (Kaufman, 2003, p.215). It would have given a better explanation in regards to the issues of adult learning, since many adults believe that what they are taught in the classroom does not assist them in real life.
Kaufman, D. M. (2003). Applying educational theory in practice. BMJ, 326(7382), 213-216.

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