Psychology in Culture

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Community psychology is an approach to behavioral health where the development and alleviation of environmental issues are discussed for the sole goal of avoiding the problems. Notably, as the latter only deals with the diagnosis and treatment of the illness or condition, its purpose is separate from that of clinical psychology. Community psychology, however, delves from the environment into the origins of the illness, eliminating or working with the source to eliminate the disease. The aspect of community psychology is relevant to the social issues in that it is cost-effective as opposed to the clinic one which is very expensive hence takes care of the problem of poverty in the society. It also involves delivering the treatments into the homes of the affected hence it is available to many in the society. The availability also helps in the accessing the therapy without the economic barrier of probably having to travel to a psychiatrist. Importantly, it is an embodiment of the pillar of the community health because it fills the medical gap left by the few medical practitioners. The community psychology also gives fulfillment, confidence, and empowerment to the ordinary people who help others in the society.

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