Psychological Research

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There have been advances in social, physiological, and medical science in recent years, contributing to new ways of thinking about disease and health. Owing to the prevalence of unexplained diseases in recent times, in order to identify these disorders, there has been a need for patient diagnosis and to be in a position to use the best available care. In the medical field, the physiological examination is very important and requires the use of psychiatric assessments and examinations to identify the condition, which helps the doctor assess the illness or disease and apply the right medication to relieve the disease or disorder. For instance, assessing the current functioning in order to make diagnosis such as refutation or confirmation the differential diagnosis and clinical impression of the abnormal behavior( e.g. personality disorder, depression, psychosis, etc. and non-psychiatric issues e.g. learning differences, relationship conflict career interest, etc.) determine the treatment needs, be able to assign the appropriate treatment and monitor treatment until recovery. There are needs to use psychometric tests, which are validated and standardized tools to assess a variety of functionalities that include health behaviors personality intelligence, the intensity of mental health disorder and cognitive neuropsychology (Jarrett, Wolff, Davis III, Cowart, & Ollendick, 2016). Some of these psychometric tests are IQ test, Halstead test diagnostic interviews bio- behavioral, psychophysiological monitoring, forensic assessment, and mental status examinations. In addition, professional psychologists only, conduct these psychological assessments and their interpretations. This paper will focus on comparing two assessment procedures of children with anxiety disorders, individuals with post-traumatic stress disorders and individuals who have served in the military.

Assessment of Children and Adolescents with Anxiety Disorders

This assessment included 42 children from the age of 6years to 16 years that were assessed through the different procedure to determine the severity of anxiety disorder in children. According to Naglieri et al., (2013) first assessment included the measure of intelligence and the Wechsler Intelligence Scale For Children3rd edition was used to determine the measure of general intelligence through nonverbal and verbal subtest that is in four factorials derived scale (Verbal Comprehension, Perceptual Organization, Freedom from Distractibility and Processing Speed). This assessment procedure is well standardized for children from 5 years to 16 years and widely used in the United States (Naglieri, Taddei & Williams, 2013).

As compared to the Cognitive Assessment System (CAS), which is an individually administered test for kids from 5years of age to 17 years and it, is organized into four scales (Planning Attention, Simultaneous and Successive). In this assessment procedure, the PASS process used to assist in assessing the kids (Naglieri, Taddei & Williams, 2013).


Jarrett, M. A., Wolff, J. C., Davis III, T. E., Cowart, M. J., & Ollendick, T. H. (2016). Characteristics of children with ADHD and comorbid anxiety. Journal of attention disorders, 20(7), 636-644.

Naglieri, J. A., Taddei, S., & Williams, K. M. (2013). Multigroup confirmatory factor analysis of US and Italian children’s performance on the PASS theory of intelligence as measured by the Cognitive Assessment System. Psychological assessment, 25(1), 157.

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