Psychological Illness and Depression

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Every society has its own collection of norms that help regulate the code of conduct. Typically, this code is used to judge the actions of individuals. The set of standards is anticipated to be implemented. The norms that have been set are considered natural for one to obey and it demonstrates that one has associated himself with the generally agreed norms. Deviation from the norms is called uncommon. The specifications are not laid on the stone and may be changed at any point. Based on place and cultural context, the norms vary. This suggests that in one culture, what is considered normal could be uncommon in another culture. Abnormal persons may be experiencing psychological disorders. These are behaviors that are unique and different from the normal. It can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the cultural background. It also depends on the situation or instance because what could be considered bad in one instance, such as fighting, might be a good thing if one is defending his family from intruders. Psychological disorders can easily be monitored and diagnosed. One can track the various behaviors and tell if everything is in order. Psychological disorders occur due to biological reasons, such as genes, or psychological influences, for example, stress. The disorders have different solutions. They can be cured or incorporated into the culture.

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