Pros and Cons of ADHD on a Person, Family, and Societal Level

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Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a brain disease or disorder characterized by persistent inattention or hyperactivity that interferes with the body’s normal development and functioning. Inattention and impulsivity are two of the most common symptoms of ADHD. The majority of families and cultures have a negative attitude toward people who have a mental illness. However, ADHD has advantages and disadvantages in various environments, including human, family, and social settings. The benefits and drawbacks of the condition are depicted in the graphic below.
Pros and Cons of ADHD on a Person, Family, and Societal Level
each individual Pros
They are multi-talented persons
Depression and anxiety
Fast readers with the ability to grasp concepts faster
Poor listening skills/habits

High creativity/ innovativeness

Easily gets bored

Generate lots of thoughts and ideas

Educational disadvantages

They can fully concentrate on a single task at a time

Career Challenges


Increased family support to siblings (cohesion)

They can be bothersome at times

Insufficient funds to provide all support services

The victim tends to offer too much information

Frequent inter-sibling rivalry/ clashes

Control challenges

Critical attention is required


Increased ideas/ solutions to a single problem

Reduced societal development

Establishment of more facilities to assist victims

Increased spending on ADHD welfare services


Explanation of the Diagram

The table above illustrates some of the pros and cons of ADHD as a form of disability to the individual, family and society at large. A discussion of some of the mentioned factors is detailed in the section below. Given that the condition has benefits as well as limitations, children and young adults with ADHD should not be discriminated against whatsoever by their families or even the society as a whole.

Discussion of the Pros and Cons


ADHD victims can be said to be multitalented in that they can be able to handle different tasks which may not be easily taken care of by other individuals. The trait allows them to effectively engage in multitasking in the realization of a common goal or objective. The impulsivity makes it easy for them to handle the tasks with ease. The individuals also generate lots of thoughts and ideas which allows them to engage in innovative activities. The fact that they can fully concentrate on a given task at a single time makes them achieve the aspect.

The factor extends to the family as they tend to be more caring as they try to find lasting solutions to some of the issues that face the victims. Thus, they are able to develop a given form of bond and cohesion with each other for the realization of this aspect and to make them feel loved and cared for by their immediate members. The society, through these victims is able to find solutions to some of the existing problems and aid in the realization of the given solution to some issues. This increases the society’s responsiveness to the disorder through enabling them see beyond the aspect. They can also try to establish more facilities which in turn aid in the development of the children with the disorder. These facilities can be used to take care of them while creating awareness on the disorder to change the general view and perception by the society and other existing parameters.


However, these victims may also face cases of depression and anxiety as well as poor attention skills. This affects their daily routines and they may find it difficult to concentrate in class. as a result, the student may register low marks in class and may also find it difficult when trying to build and maintain relationships with others. In the case of an established individual, it becomes difficult for them to advance in their respective careers and usually find it difficult to engage with other workmates. This disadvantages their life in general and some of them may contemplate suicide if appropriate mechanisms are not put in place. To those who do not understand the disorder, they may face discrimination and harassments.

The family may face trouble of constantly engaging the victims and giving them the attention they require. This is despite the fact that they may be bothersome at times and hinder any activity from taking place. The members are required to offer critical attention to these victims at all times. The society also may face various disadvantages from these victims. Their lack of attention may lead them to neglect certain critical aspects which reduce the general societal development. This makes it difficult for them to engage in constructive activities that realize development. Moreover, there are cases of increased spending on ADHD management which aim at creating awareness and in the achievement of particular developments. The funds that would have been used in different development projects are channeled towards ADHD management. Thus, the society as a whole becomes disadvantaged in a particular way and tends to lag behind in the execution of the particular projects.

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