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Manual methods of managing have been introduced in the modern world. People are persuaded that technology should be used in all fields to automate and simplify work. Moreover, it is assumed that more income can be made in a short time with the employment of high technology in industry. In order to adapt various programs with the technical needs of people, more programming companies have been started (Heath; Morgenstern). This paper explores the findings of two news articles on new and innovative developments in programming. Discussion of findings
According to Morgenstern, Apple opened up a more developed language known as Swift programming in 2014. This action made the developers to weigh the features of the new language since they expected its performance to be superior. This kind of development signifies that when programming companies realize weaknesses in the already existing programs, they tend to introduce new programs in an attempt to address the available networking problems. Reading the article thoroughly, one can realize that the Swift programming language that apple developed was quite better than Objective-C in terms of speed, (Morgenstern). However, the two language programs are not compatible with one another, (Morgenstern). If one is to adapt to the new swift language, then he or she has to install compatible programs. From the business perspective, Apple does this with an aim of making the customers who are willing to migrate from the existing program to entirely change their system to the new programs that match with the newly developed language. This aspect implies that as developers try to invent new programs in the technological world, they look at the problems that cannot be addressed by the existing program and make sure that the new one solves it.

According to Health, Microsoft in 2016 focused on how the firms could use the high-level Azure services for machine learning. The design was developed after realizing the need for firms to learn how machines operate. Azure service was designed to simplify all that seemed to be complicated during the learning of machines in various factories and firms. Furthermore, the Azure suite was developed after realizing that firms require their data scientists to write scripts to depict their own analytics, (Heath). Due to this need, Azure suite was designed to expose the R analytics as web services, which would make everything easy to understand. This kind of programming trend depicts that software companies release new products according to the current demand of the people to ease their work. The programming trend targets organizations that intend to migrate from manual methods to automatic methods. For example, if an organization wants to transform from manual methods of machine learning, it will automatically adapt to Azure suite to simplify the training session, (Heath).


From the above discussion, one can realize that the current trend in programming focuses on the problem at hand and attempts to solve it by releasing a more compatible software program. The software companies first confirm the tasks that cannot be performed by the already existing programs, which makes them discover the degree of innovation required in developing the new program. However, for the world to entirely transform to the new program, the companies develop the new services with their respective versions of compatible programs. Through this trend, the existing program is eliminated from the market.

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