Program theory and evaluation approach research.

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Stackholder theory claims it aims at generating value for shareholders and stakeholders for a company or organization (Freeman, 2010). For a company to prosper and sustainably achieve, this strategy means that managers must align client, employee, supplier, community and shareholders interests in the same direction (Freeman, 2010). In the other hand, the approach to assessment social science analysis focuses mainly on human behaviour. This method to study aims to see how and why people are behaving to some degree in the face of a specific situation. It follows scientific research method to investigate the human behavior and come up with a conclusion after detailed analysis of the data collected.
Following the above comparison I would prefer stakeholder evaluation approach due to the following reasons: first, organizations that have transparent, effective and efficient relationship with their stakeholders are better suited to compete and remain sustainable (Freeman, 2010). Secondly, it encourages support from stakeholders which influences the success of the organization. Finally, it helps to device an efficient and effective communication plan among the management, shareholders and stakeholders (Freeman, 2010).
A program theory is a model of a program design, activities, and sequential execution that lead to the achievement of the intended outcomes (Donaldson, 2012). In explaining how the program will operate, the if-then connection will be used to determine the flow of the inputs and outcomes of the program. This is important since when an action is done one can spell the expected changes (Donaldson, 2012).
Qualitative methods of evaluation gives emphasis on the value of the variables in a natural setting (Creswell, 2014). One of the advantages of qualitative methods on this program is that it gives a detailed evaluation of the program. Secondly the data collected will directly come from the people who are targeted by the program. Also the direction and framework of research can be revised quickly when there is a change information or when new finding emerge (Creswell, 2014). Finally the researchers have a clear vision on the program expectation. On the other hand, the disadvantages are, the researchers can give biased information, it can be time consuming hence delay the program and it can be difficult to present data of the program in visual ways (Creswell, 2014).
Quantitative methods provides data that is expressed in numeric form (Creswell, 2014). One of the advantage is that the finding can be generalized to the population about the information required. Secondly it covers a sample of the population targeted. It also allows control for the effects of extraneous variables that result from misleading interpretations of the collected data. Some of the disadvantages are inaccurate and incomplete information, data reduction can result to lost information and untested variables may account for program impacts (Creswell, 2014).
Qualitative method of evaluation is the most suited for this program since it provides detailed information about the program. It directly involve people who will be affected by the program and who can contribute to the success of the program.

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