President Donald Trump's Speech at the 73rd Session of the UN General Assembly

The Impact of Territorial Politics on International Relations

The 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly was graced by a territorial trap oriented speech by the President of the United States, Donald Trump. The regional politics has affected the relationship between states. International relations tries to analyze the relationship between the different departments in different countries. According to the assumptions of Agnew (1994), the process of exercising authority through a central political institution and the geographical demarcation of territory where the sovereign powers are exercised are the two aspects that influence the decisions made by state authorities. The territorial politics is, however, mainly attributed to the impacts of the spatial demarcation of sovereign territories.

The Role of Geographical Boundaries in Protecting National Interests

The decisions made by the representatives of a state are aimed at protecting the interest of the citizens of the country. The majority of these citizens live within the geographical boundaries of their nations and are separated from other citizens by national borders (Agnew, 1994). In his speech, the president assured the United Nations that the borders within the U.S represent a stronger, safer and more vibrant state. The primary objective of regional leadership is therefore to serve the best interest of your citizens' welfare.

The Interconnectedness of Nations in the Face of Territorial Politics

The different decisions made by a single state affects the other countries either positively or adversely. The economic, cultural and social activities within the boundaries of a country affect the production activities of other nations (Agnew, 1994). In his speech, the president acknowledged the humanitarian role played by the state of Jordan in accepting the refugees from the insecurity crisis in Syria. He also mentioned the adverse effect of Iran's poor political leadership. The lack of respect for their neighbor's borders has resulted in war among these countries.

The Significance of Sovereign Territory in Political Decision Making

The boundaries of sovereign territories play a significant role in determining the decisions that state authorities make. Territorial politics is, therefore, attributed to the geographical boundaries where sovereign power applies.


Agnew, J. (1994). The territorial trap: The geographical assumptions of international relations theory. Review of International Political Economy, 1(1), 53-80.

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