Popular Mechanics-Raymond Carver

The author of the literary work, Popular Mechanics born in 1938 is one of Americas writers of short stories and poets. The writer is born Clatskanie Oregon Solid academic background had a significant contribution to the development of the author as a renowned poet and literary writer. He attended his elementary school in Yakima, Washington. At this time, his hobby in novels had already begun as he read the books written by Mickey Spillane. That desire to examine more literary books would see him later grow into a writer except prior thoughts.
After he settled down with his family, Carver developed an interest in writing in the region of Paradise, California. Another aspect of his early life to prepares him for a writing career is when he enrolled at Chico State College to study creative writing. Moreover, he decides to write about the conflict between a man and woman who are in a dispute that is threatening to tear them apart. Resultantly, they end up fighting the custody of the child because everyone wants to remain with the young one. The vivid description of the scuffle between the husband and the wife suggested that it could be the life of the writer that he is talking about.

Analysis of the Text

• The theme of the short story is about love that has gone sour. Even the title itself suggests that the text entails love between two people. The phrase, “What we talk about when we talk about love” suggests that there is an element of love among the characters and the participants may not have a good story to tell about their union. The relationship between the man and woman depicted in the story encounters a tragic end. That serves to explain the meaning behind the phrase “when we talk about love we talk about love”.

• Again, the writer uses the text to illustrate the dominant issue of domestic violence and divorce in the society. From the beginning the story, the text starts by narrating the story of a man who has disagreed with his wife and they have even separated if not divorced. The man is packing his belongings while the woman is busy insulting him by calling him unsavory names such as the son of a bitch as evidenced in the following line, “son of a bitch, am glad you are leaving”. The differences between them escalated to the point that they could not be internally resolved.

• The writer again employs the use of repetition throughout the text. The use of the phrase, “am glad you are leaving” has appeared more than twice.

• The text is a short story which the writer deftly uses in the context of domestic and marital challenges. The author wanted to explain his readers in a few words how nasty the situation gets whenever two people who are in love find themselves in a disagreement that can result in divorce. The ugly fight and the scuffle over who should remain with the child are some of the things that couples should avoid even when they are facing an imminent prospect of divorce.

• As a reader, the author disagrees with my view of the world regarding divorce. According to Raymond Carver, the issue of child custody could only be resolved through physical confrontation. My view is that the couple should have settled the matter in a court of law.

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