Policy on Immigration

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Since the declaration of independence, immigration is a serious bone of conflict. The United States consisted primarily European, Caucasian and Protestant refugees in the 17th century. Their history, faith, race and ethnicity were the basis on which America was founded and established. There has been a huge influx of legal and illegal immigrants in the United States since the immigration act was introduced. While the culture of immigration has changed the US culture, the basic elements of the founding culture remain the same, but threaten to other cultures. Immigration policy was therefore created to control the high rate of immigration.

Contrastingly from the other immigrants, Hispanic immigrants have failed to assimilate into the traditional America culture, and they form the majority of the immigrants in the United States. Consequently, lack of assimilation has threatened the country unity by creating divisive culture. The influx of immigration Hispanic of in the USA has escalated from diversity and has become more of dominance by the particular group. For example, Mexicans and other Latinos have stick to speaking in their native language (Spanish) in the United States, without the effort of learning and assimilation of the popular American culture.

Research question

Have Hispanic immigrants assimilated to the American culture?

What are the causes of Hispanic immigration in the United States?

Methods of data collection used in this particular research include in-depth interviews and review of document information from the census. The findings in the study indicated that the causes of migration of Hispanics in the United Sates are to look for better economic opportunities. The majority of the Hispanics have not assimilated into the American culture.

The immigration act gives a set of quota for aliens with skills needed in the United States to acquire citizenship. Look at this in a different perspective; it serves as an incentive to encourage productive immigrants who will instead create more jobs and services for the betterment of the country. On the other hand, most of the immigrants from the Hispanic community who immigrate to look for better opportunities in the United States offer majorly unskilled labor in the US market. Hence, the policy limits citizenship intake of the Hispanic immigrants and encourages illegal immigration. On the positive side, Hispanic immigrants that have unique skills and talents are invited to apply for citizenship since they can better the development

Immigration policy has had an effect to be the residents of South Florida in that there has been high population growth of Hispanics, especially illegal immigrants. The rapid population in South Florida was driven by the Cuban Refugee Adjustment Act which allowed Cuban nationals who enter or were already present in the United States, legal status. The law was repelled by Obama.

This article can be used to make decisions on the immigration policy in that, immigrants that have failed to assimilate into the American society should not be considered for citizenship in the United States. The immigration act has given a certain length for residency to acquire citizenship. But the immigrants can stay in the country for years but not fully integrate into the Native culture thus showing a lack of commitment and patriotism to the American system. For example, most of the Hispanic immigrants do not linguistically integrate with the native language, which is English. Hence, without a standard fully knowing English, it makes them ‘Un-American.’ I think the immigration policy should be implemented to include assessments that indicate if a person has been fully integrated into the culture for citizenship consideration. Furthermore, one can assimilate to another culture without fully losing his or her culture and ethnicity.

I would tell the policy makers to create more incentives for giving to citizenship to immigrants that not only have understood of English as a language but have fully assimilated into the American culture and traditions. Incentives will encourage more people to assimilate into the culture will create a sense of appreciation for both the natives and the immigrants hence reducing the ethnic tensions in the United States.


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