Policy on Children

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The discipline of schools seeks to ensure that children are taught and nurtured in accordance with the ideology of the school to foster social-emotional growth (Bredekamp 453). The methods of discipline used by the workers must comply with the rules of the school and education board. It is forbidden to use methods involving physical and psychological harm; therefore, as a means of discipline, a teacher or staff member is not permitted to spank, scare or deprive a child of food, drink or service. The punishment methods must adhere to the following protocols:
A. Positive Punishment Methods
Teachers and staff must strategically identify punishment methods that will promote the development of positive outcomes for the child. Punishment should seek to build social and emotional development of the child while developing confidence and self-esteem.

B. Identification and Setting Limits To Punishment

Teachers must carefully assess and enforce the things that they can or cannot allow the children to do on the basis of their social-emotional development, age and moral upbringing of the children. Essentially, the teachers will provide the students with expert guidance and support as per the school’s philosophy.

C. Learning Approach

Since children are expected to learn, behave and perceive their environment differently, any action by a teacher or staff member must take into consideration the different attributes of each child. It is the teachers’ duty to help children develop basic skills and prepare them for social, emotional and educational advancement.

D. Developmental Considerations

The staff must interact with children at their level of understanding and social-emotional growth level. It ensures that children are able to understand and appreciate the lessons and promote their cognitive development. Since children experience diverse early life experiences, teachers must be able to recognize any issues and work with parents through collaboration, communication and cooperation as per the school’s philosophy.

In the event that there are any issues or questions, it is encouraged to consult the school coordinator or the immediate supervising officer and teachers as soon as possible.

Works Cited

Bredekamp, Sue. Effective practices in early childhood education: Building a foundation (3rd Edition). London: Person, 2016. pp. 447-473.

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