Policy of Concealed Carry

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In the United States, the concealed carrying of guns originated in Georgia. Governor Zell Miller, who was a state lieutenant, adopted what was called a blueprint for potential laws in 1976. Ed Topmiller, who was a retired border patrolman and NRA chief, inspired his efforts. The primary consideration of the statute was that the procedure of approval extended to elected officials, non-law enforcers, and probate judges of the court should be provided by the administration of the position (Larry 1).
In 1994, the people of Texas approved non-bid motions asking the state to give the freedom to carry the secret arms to the citizens of Texas. Ann Richard who was the governor they had opposed such a bill before the voting and vowed to prevent the bill to pass by all means. However, her opponents like George Bush said that if he is elected, he will sign a well-structured law on the right to carry. After being elected in 1995, he signed a bill which granted Texas the right to carry concealed firearms. Then, Texas joined other 22 states which had made it legal to carry concealed weapons. Due to its vast geographical size and high population, Texas experienced different attacks on concealed carry (Larry 1). Before the policy was passed, opponents argued that the policy would affect the public safety as the policy placed more guns on irresponsible people.


House Bill 910 was enacted on 1st January 2016. The bill modified the prior law relating to the concealed handgun license. The bill eliminated the open/concealed carry distinction and created a license to carry a handgun. After the enactment of House Bill 910, persons with the then current license on the concealed handgun or the person who obtained the new license to carry the gun were allowed to carry a handgun openly in either the holster of shoulders or in a concealed manner (Scott 3). The rules related to when and where the holder of the license may openly carry the handgun. It is different from the past since the license showed when and where the license holder could conceal the handgun under prior laws. However, the rules remain complicated. Differences between open carry and concealed exist on legal notices and college campuses. In addition to criteria of existing training, the current license of carrying the handgun must be included I the training of holsters restraint use and various methods of ensuring that the gun is openly carried well. However, the state does not allow carrying of firearms in some places. The constitution has defined a firearm as any device which is made, designed or adapted to expel a projectile by barrel by using energy from burn or explosion or any other convertible device. Under TEX. PENAL CODE § 46.01(a)(3), a handgun is defined as a firearm (Scott 3).

NRA supported HB 910 on open carry legislation on a 96 to 36 votes. The supporters argued that the bill would enable its citizens to secure themselves through personal protection option which had been established in 43 states across the United States. The opponent of the bill raised various points of order on the procedure of the bill. Also, they challenged the bill and worked on derailing it before the debate began though they were overruled. They also tried to add amendments that would see other four largest cities opt out of the law. They cited security measure as the main reason why they want guns concealed. However, House Bill 910 was approved by 101 – 42 vote and moved to Senate of Texas for consideration (NRA 1).

The main goal of the bill was to give practical individual protection to the security (Scott 3). After the bill was passed, there has bill security in areas where the state police were not able to cover. Though the bill is good for the state, there is need of more regulation to ensure that the guns do not fall under the hands of criminals or individual who are not fully aware of when and where they should use the handguns.

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