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With so much going on in our world, beginning with our new president’s policy changes, I feel the need to write and share my thoughts in the hope of sharing ideas on how new policies could impact our lives in school and even after graduation.
The Trump administration has made moves to set in motion policies aimed at empowering the American police department with respect to police improvements. This is by cleaning out the poor image of racial apartheid, which has culminated in the high number of police shooting deaths, especially those of African Americans. The administration strives to establish a humane police force that guarantees protection for everyone. In addition to this, President Trump repealed former President Obama’s order that permitted the police force to receive excess military weaponry. This will prove important in establishment for a secure state that is free from injustice within the law enforcement.

Looking at the new immigration policy that has outlined strict screening measures for immigrants and even suspending citizens from particular terrorist hot zones from visiting our country, I feel like the president is trying to keep us safe, but using methods that may seem unfriendly. The president has also deported thousands of people back to their countries of origin and even talked of building a wall to separate us from Mexico, a move that I feel is too extreme to enforce. It is important to remember that the rights of every citizen are vital and that not all Muslims are out there to kill us. We must respect them while at the same time remaining careful.



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