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The piece of study is categorical since the article describes the dilemma and the key topic and discusses it in depth. The dilemma facing the group was how women were viewed in society. It categorically describes how people treated women in society and their particular positions in the country.
The paper was overwhelmingly addressing the topic by moving around a single subject and heavily dropping out both the positive and negative links around the issue. It also approached the problem in a better manner by strengthening the issue by providing detailed examples of how women have been handled and their place in anime and manga culture. The other better part is that once a problem has been established it immediately suggests how to solve the problem or launch a program or activity that will try to change the stereotypes and perceptions about the issue and create a positive impact on the future generation. For instance, it suggested for the start of a unique broadcasting program through the “Nippa Hosokyokai.” The primary purpose of the program is to educate and create awareness to people the importance of respecting the women and regarding them the respect they deserve.

It will also create campaigns that will promote positive and building attitudes towards women and campaigns that will speak against and condemn the violation of women rights and demining of women in the society. The piece of work was also very categorical and firm in recognition of the very little the government has achieved in formulating of policies that should take care of the interests of women in society. There were also fewer efforts administered in the section of the creation of awareness on how negatively women were depicted in the community and education on media literacy by the government. This was a significant step that any research paper could not be willing to take that action and speak the truth about the governmental efforts towards addressing the issue. Most research paper would just brusher over the issue not significantly defining the position the government has taken over the problem.

As much as the paper bought out the main problem in a brilliant way, there are some shortcomings the paper has that make it hard for the paper to be a comprehensive paper. One of the issues the paper addressed shoddily was the issue of creation of awareness among the people. The paper limits its potential by confining to one entity of creating awareness. This means that there will be less audience reached out to and the problem would not be solved fully in all the corners of the community. The problem identified in the paper demands a lot of attention both from the people themselves and the government to take up the required measures to combat it. In the section of policies and recommendations, the paper fails to address the way it will handle and impact the government so that it can resume a position that will trigger a positive change in the society.

The paper, however, fails to address in detail all the techniques and measures they will undertake to offer lasting solutions to the problem. A part of the bias creation of awareness through media they do not provide any alternative methodology that will create awareness on the immense negativity posed by women and education on media literacy. Basing on the fact that many people are not media literate it means that running all the issues through a broadcasting platform is not the better way of creating awareness and educating people because few will get the message. The paper was bias and not considerate of the issue of addressing the problem in a society that was media illiterate. The digital methodology was not a solution to creating awareness in such a community.

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