Poetic Controversy

In several ways, the discussion of erecting “strict walls” to literature and artistic writings is fascinating. First and foremost, the issue of unfair or potentially discriminatory conduct portrayed by literary journals and other publishing outlets can be seen in the light of current political scandals that have arisen after a transition in the White House administration. It has turned into a cold war-like environment, and the President has clearly spoken out about the news media. The media is unhappy with this attitude adopted by the newly elected President and in this scenario any story that would attract liberals and human right activists do make a great piece of sense. US is a country with always a policy of welcoming the multi-cultural society members and immigrants at the people and literary level. There was absolutely no problem about questioning the nationality or ethnicity of a particular talented person level. The question on leak of this news and the massive attraction it got from the literary circles is valid and there are many things that can be said about the potential of betterment and improvement subjected to the standards of literary societies and publishers. The role of media comes under question too in many regards by floating or highlighting a special piece of information and neglecting many other genuine issues faced by the Americans and the entire humanity. It is also a matter of fact that there should be a clear understanding among the literary circles to consider the impact of social media and added value that individuals have attained with the modernization of digital technology and internet reach to large segments of human beings. The creativity of any person cannot be discarded or discredited in this information and digital era. The primary concern that should be addressed by the literary circles, publishers and the relevant media houses is that what we can do to contribute towards ending the ‘emerging conflicts’ in the coming years. Spreading a wave of internal differences and intolerance just because of a political difference with an individual is counterproductive for the American nation and also for the entire humanity. The need of hour is to encourage the new writers and literate people and they should be brought on mainstream to help in spreading of knowledge and information among the humans on general scale. The education and awareness can solve many problems of humanity and it can change many lives. These people who are creative naturally can be mentored and convinced to use their creative tendencies towards positive ways and end the pointless debate of arising questions that are bad for the national integrity and development. The literary generals should also revisit their strategy of involving the common people and the intellectuals that exist very much among masses should not be overlooked.

Works Cited

Kaplan, Sarah and Sarah Kaplan. “A White Guy Named Michael Couldn’t Get His Poem Published. Then He Became Yi-Fen Chou.” Washington Post. N. p., 2017. Web. 28 Jan. 2017.

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