Plan for Fire Prevention

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It is the primary duty of all organisations, along with the steps to be taken in cases of fire emergencies, to educate their workers on fire hazard issues in the workplace. Such preparation may include evacuation plans, training on how to escape from the fire, how to safely use the fire fighting equipment available, and also providing the operation with appropriate equipment and instruments.
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration strongly commends the creation by all employers of a fire prevention plan. However, According to Occupational Safety and Health Standards number 1910.39(a), employers must have a fire safety plan only when a particular OSHA standard stipulates its requirement. The Three primary standards require the presence of an FPP, and they include Ethylene Oxide, 1910.1047; Methylenedianiline, 1910.1050 and 1, 3 Butadiene, 1910.1051 standards respectively (United States Department of Labour, 2002).

The FPPs must be both in written and oral presentation. It is made accessible by all employees for reviewing purposes. At a minimum, the fire prevention plan must include an outline of significant fire hazards, handling and storage of dangerous materials, possible ignition points and how to control them. A list of the tools and equipment for managing various risks must also be present. The FPP also includes the steps taken to minimize the accumulation of flammable material and also the strategies for continuous maintenance of safety nets for the prevention of accidental ignitions. On top of that, the FPP also has the names and titles of employees tasked with equipment maintenance and fire prevention as well as the staff responsible for controlling fuel hazards. The employer is required to inform employees about potential exposure to fires followed with the review of procedures for prevention.


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