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Healthcare administration is a burgeoning field. Inpatient and outpatient care facilities and non-direct care settings are expected to be managed by these managers. As a result, healthcare executives must comprehend the complexities of their roles and functions to develop the necessary skills to ensure their success.
Complete the table below, identifying and discussing the role of the healthcare manager in organizing, planning, controlling, and leading. Make sure you identify and discuss them according to the following guidelines in the spaces provided:
Define each of the listed functions. You must define the process in your own words; do not use a textbook definition.
Identify and discuss the role of a healthcare manager in the given function.
Provide an explanation that illustrates the role of a healthcare manager as it applies to the function in the healthcare Industry.
Save the completed worksheet as a Microsoft® Word document with your name in the file name.
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit the file to your facilitator.
Submitted by: [Type your name here.]
Function Identify the role of a healthcare manager in the function stated. Provide an explanation that illustrates the role of a healthcare manager as it applies to the function in the healthcare Industry. Organizing The manager ensures that other employees under them carry out their routine duties in a smooth manner without any issues. Also, they serve to make sure there is coordination between various departments that may be within the facility. The people often residing in nursing homes have a hard time organizing themselves in efforts to ensure that everything falls into place. Managers in-charge of healthcare facilities are mandated with the role of fostering a peaceful co-existence among them so that there is a smooth transition of duties and patient care. In so doing, they create an environment that is conducive for both the patients to recuperate and the medical practitioners to work in a manner that is objective. The organizing efforts of the manager and the managerial team are typically gauged by the general outlook of the facility thus the manager and the management strive to see to it that the arrangement is presentable. Planning The manager in this section makes arrangements for activities that the institution is meant to carry out at a later date. It is crucial that the activities within the schedule are within the scope of the objectives that the organization is meant to meet. Also, the meetings and seminar arrangements that the employees are meant to attend are planned by the manager. The manager sets the venue for meetings and other constructive activities that may be done to improve patient outcomes. Controlling The manager exerts his/her capability on the employees to ensure that the employees carry out their roles as it is required of them. They also play a key role in ensuring that none of the employees wastes time which would have otherwise been utilized in the completion of the tasks within the organization In healthcare facilities, the managerial post is the highest thus the person holding such a position has the mandate of delegating the roles that employees are meant to carry out in their routine play. In so doing, the employees only concern themselves with the departments the manager has posted them. However, health institutions deal with some emergency cases which may sometimes oblige some of the employees to forfeit their departments in order to assist in areas that may be in dire need of their help. This is the form of coordination that is necessitated by the manager. Leading Making decisions that pertain to their leadership positions. The manager of a healthcare facility plays a pivotal role in the decisions that are made within the organization. This is simply because they are always at the forefront of the decisions and work round the clock to ensure that decisions that are affirmatively made at any particular point are effectively implemented. This way the manager manages to lead other employees by example and by doing what other employees of the same organization expect to be done of them. Patient outcome is pegged on the type of leadership displayed by the management and is later spread out through the other employees inclusive of the nurses actively tasked with the duty of caring for the patients.

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