Personal View of Skills

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I am specialized in languages such as English, 3D computer animation, writing essays and using word processors and adobe PageMaker.” I have the opportunity to speak several languages, such as Hindi, English and Spanish, and I can write these languages as well. I even have the ability to translate these languages in their native form, such as the Devanagari script for Hindi.” I know things about the film industry, 3D modeling, fiction, Greek philosophy, mechanics, transport and networking networks and current affairs around the globe. “I am competent at 3D design using a blender, analyzing literary elements and terms, using the computer to solve daily life scenarios such as using excel to prepare budgets and using analytical skills to deduce the intentions of a speaker.

“One part of my personality is that I am an introvert and preserved. I do interact with peoples at a minimal level and when necessary.

External View of Skills

Other people believe that I am skilled at medical matters, engineering, physics, board games, interpersonal communication and Information technology related matters.

One part of my personality is that other people believe I am conservative and selfish. This is owing to the fact that they have not bothered to find out the real me, since I do not let them in. The best they can deduce is the mystery.


Form the above list, I have come to understand who I am a bit better. For example I have come to learn that I am an introvert due to the fact that I have observed it and people around me have confirmed that they see me as such. I have also learnt that I am controversial since several people find it hard to pinpoint my personality and as such, they give the closest match they can find. Last but not least, I have found that I am an academic which is confirmed by list which shows largely academic skills and the list of what people think of me which shows an inclination towards academia. The inclinations in my list are the 3D skills, language and literary skills while the people’s list shows doctor, engineer and strategist, which are largely academic skills.


Day one

Incident where crude language was used: addressing the neighbor over a crying child.

What I was doing there: I was the opposite tenant to the neighbor.

Who I was with: My sister in law

What I said: could you make these offspring stop the bloody noise!!!

Rationale for the choice of words: The words were intended to portray my disappointment at the repeated noise the kids were producing.

Day two

Incident where crude language was used: addressing the caretaker regarding lack of water on the plot.

What I was doing there: tenant

Who I was with: No one

What I said: (self conversation) this old thing deserves to die.

Day Three

Incident where crude language was used: addressing the caretaker over his preventing my friend to visit me due to her dressing code.

What I was doing there: tenant

Who I was with: My friend

What I said: have you the balls to act? Do whatever you may!!

My use of crude language is minimal and the language itself is moderately pervasive.

There are no particular settings or people that I am more likely to swear in front of partly due to my introvert nature.

The word I actually use often would be damn!

I use crude speech to express disappointment and disgust.

I am satisfied with the frequency with which I use vulgar language considering that I do so only when prompted and not as a casual endeavor. The reasons for using hate speech on the other hand are a bit flimsy and not fully justified, there is always the option of calming down and talking more calmly later.

My use of crude speech is almost nonexistent at the moment. The few instances that may occur, and rarely at that, are when I am having an internal conversation. This is owed to the maturity that has come as a result of the passage of time.

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