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In Stan’s life, self-doubt is a hampering barrier. It is important to have a good bond with Stan, and the first step in helping him cope with self-doubt. I will listen to Stan appropriately, despite reading his autobiography and encourage him to share more about his life and memories, reaffirming my appreciation of his condition. I will use non-verbal gestures to properly communicate with Stan to convey emotion and keenness in a bit to demonstrate that I am communicating with him emotionally. A strong connection with Stan is the first step to helping him overcome his self-doubt. To show him that he can actually achieve anything, I would praise him for his achievements, making him thus realize that truly he has achieved something in his life and that he can do whatever he sets his mind to.

Stan’s deeper struggles stem from his childhood and associated with his family and up bring. His parents fought a lot and he saw his father as weak. This has manifested in his life and he now sees himself as weak because the father figure in his life was perceived as weak. This has led him to have difficulty with women whereby, he is intimidated by them and overwhelmed. His experience with his wife made things worse as she kept telling him ho worthless he was. This had a high impact on his love life. His father always compared him with his successful siblings instead of working with him on a personal level to help him realize his potential. This made him feel worthless and still manifests to this day. He perceives his world as full of failure and regret and incapability to achieve yet he acknowledges that he has the potential to do something great with his life.

Developing a friendly fruitful relationship with Stan would help him move forward and make him achieve self-actualization. He needs someone to believe in him as seen by his experience with the supervisor at summer camp who showed confidence in him. Having someone believe in him and showing that I care and would want to hear him and connect with him will go a long mile in helping him move in a positive direction. Challenges that would come our way. I would put aside my personal issues that may hinder the development of a therapeutic relationship and help deal with any issue that Stan would present with that would hinder the development of a therapeutic relationship.

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