Performing brain transplants even with the most sophisticated technology would be accompanied by several difficulties.

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Several complications will follow conducting brain transplants even with the most advanced technologies. The brain reflects an individual’s identity and personality, and a healthy brain donor and a brain dead recipient are necessary for successful brain transplants. To transplant a brain from a healthy person to a recipient with a dead brain would be very illogical. Undertaking this transplant would mean sacrificing a healthy body for the sake of brain transplantation. As a member of the advisory panel considering the implications of the brain transplants procedure, I would strongly oppose this move since it is quite impossible to bring a brain dead individual back to life by transplanting a new brain even if the existing technology could somehow design one.

Besides, a medical technology put in place to undertake this surgery would not be able to reattach the veins, cranial nerves, spinal cord and four major arteries of the donor’s brain to that of the recipient. Even if the technology succeeds in attaching the brain to the veins and arteries of the recipient, the result will subject the recipient individual in complete sensory paralysis and isolation. Another major barrier involves the failure of the nerve tissues to heal sufficiently. This leads to the development of a scarred nerve tissue that does not transmit the signals well. Before any transplant is undertaken the matching process to bring about compatibility between the donor and the recipient is quite difficult because the success of this surgery requires that the age factor is put into consideration. As such the brain of an adult is not compatible to a skull that has not attained its full growth. Therefore, based on these reasons, it is quite impossible to carry out brain transplants.

Section two activity one

My Speech Entitled “Your Brain” to Third-Graders

Hello third graders, today we are going to learn the important role your brain play in your day to day activities. First, we are going to identify the location of our brain, and I am going to ask one learner to give us an answer. (After the question I will proceed with my speech). The brain is located in your head, and a hard covering protects it called the skull.

Secondly, after understanding the location of the brain, we are going to list some of the important functions of the brain. The brain is an important part of the body that helps to control and coordinate all the activities that you constantly carry out. Examples of these activities include the basic body functions such as breathing, seeing, hearing, smelling, speaking, eating, walking and handling objects using our hands. Without the involvement of your brain, these important body functions cannot take place.

While you are in class, you can read and write because the brain controls what you can see and the movement of your hands. As I stand in front of you, the brain helps you to perceive my sight as well as interpret what I am teaching you through the process of hearing.

Since our brain is the most important part of our body, you have the ability to train it through the practice of engaging in right thinking so as to undertake beneficial activities that help you learn better. Therefore, as I conclude, it is important for you to understand that the brain can help you do better in school when you allow it to direct you towards engaging in beneficial activities such as concentrating in class when reading and listening to your teachers.

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