Peer-to –peer file sharing

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Peer-to-peer file sharing entails the circulation and dissemination of distributed media using peer-to-peer networking technologies (Parameswaran, Anjana and Andrew 31). This technology helps users to access media files such as books, videos, photographs, games and music free of charge using peer-to-peer software that scans for other linked devices on peer-to-peer networks, thereby finding the user’s requested content.
I think that sharing or streaming music using peer-to-peer services such as the pirate bay should be illegal because of the risks to all consumers and the music or video maker. When a human makes a song and markets it, he/she hopes to get some money from it. When an individual produces a song and markets it, he/she expects to gain some money from his/her work. Therefore, copyright law protects the product so that it should not be copied without outright permission from the owner. If an individual does not pay for downloading a media file that has a copyright, then copying that file should be a crime. Likewise, distributing a copyrighted media file, whether via electronic or non-electronic methods, without seeking permission from the copyright holder is unethical and hence should not be legalized.
The external sites that sell cheap music and other online contents from countries such as Russia is a threat to the entertainment industry and should be under strict regulations and monitoring of international laws and agencies (Andersen and Marion 12). Some Russia-based online music store often sells music cheaply or allows their users to download music using a small amount of money while the sites claim protection under license from the Russian Multimedia and Internet Society. As legal sounds campaign against a peer-to-peer network, I also believe the system should be done away them. Peer to peer file sharing makes the entire system to be insecure because peers can transmit spyware, viruses, malware and Trojans. These threats can spread from one person to another due to inadequate site control. Individuals who use peer-to-peer software leave themselves open to unauthorized access, another reason why such sites should be under control and regulations.
P2p has influenced music-buying habits since a large number of people often prefer downloading music from the internet since it is free. In most countries, subscription services account for a marginal share of digital music trade revenues, and therefore the important issue for the recorded-music industry is how to turn a large number of online buyers to legal customers. The existence of subscription services and peer-to-peer software for downloading online content such as music and movie for free, there has been a significant increase the number of products that I consume hence a change in my buying habit. The change in my habit to buying habit has also characterized the change in the online music streams that the platform provides. Notably, many individuals have increased their music consumption due to the existence of P2p software.
In conclusion, peer-to –peer file sharing involves circulation and distribution of digital media using peer-to-peer networking technology. The technology has penetrated different countries across the world with most sources of peer-to-peer sites coming from countries like Russia. I believe the practice should not be legalized as it interferes with the prosperity of the music and movie industries as well as other industries dealing with online contents.

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