Peer Review of Donate to a Food Bank

The introduction of your speech captured my attention undeniably. In particular, I liked your precise overview of how costly and difficult life is in New York City by taking into account all aspects of life, including expensive transportation, rent, and, more importantly, very vivid and unforgettable food. Moreover, both the scene and the sound of your speech are set by your introduction. In your introduction, your thesis statement is explicitly stated. Having read your speech, it is obvious that by supporting it with valid arguments, you have established it well. Assignment Specifications
Your speech matches the assignment guidelines as it focuses on persuading your audience to make food donations to a food bank so as to help those who are hungry in New York. The details in your speech add up to support your premises for convincing the New York citizens to donate food to the food bank in order to combat the many people who face hunger each year. Each point of view is supported by statistics regarding the food shortage among most New Yorkers. Besides, the transition from one point to another in your speech is superb. It makes the audience move along with you without lagging behind in regard to comprehending the essential points of the speech.

Point of View

The writer employs 1st person point of view throughout the speech, without confusing or jarring moments. All the details provided by the writer actually support the thesis. Also, there is the introduction, body, and conclusion of the speech. This speech could not have been arranged in any other manner apart from how it is arranged – chronologically.

Topic Sentences/Coherence/Transitions

Indeed, all the paragraphs of the speech contain the topic sentences and have coherence in addition to having a good structure. Recommendable job! Use of transitions in your speech is excellent.


The persuasive language together with real statistics regarding food situation in New York is used appropriately so as to convince the audience to make their food donations to the food bank. Specifically, the statistics concerning the number of people facing hunger in New York City presents realism that persuades the audience to consider making their donations. The writer observes that according to an article by the Daily News a reported, “Nearly one in five New Yorkers, 1.4 million people, now rely on a patchwork network of 1,000 emergency food programs across the city to eat.” This kind of statistics and realism makes the audience to see the sense of heeding to the writers` call for donation to a food bank. The necessity of people to participate in this social issue in New York City is justified by the writer` researched evidence.

Strength of the speech

The speech`s use of statistics and 1st person point of view are the strengths of this speech. The writer has successfully researched and presented statistic regarding the food situation in New York City. This helps to bring out realism to the audience. First person point of view, further, brings inclusivity of the audience.


Generally, the tone of the speech is consistent besides matching well with the subject matter. Also, the format is appropriate because everything is placed in its right section.


The conclusion brings the speech to a close by highlighting the main points that the speech focused on including hunger in New York City, donating to a Food Bank and what will happen if all donate food to the food bank.

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