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Patronage is the support, monetary encouragement that is given an individual by these in power or those who have economic influence in the society in order to support the initiatives of those who may now not have the insufficiencies of funds. Today, it may refer to the political support that is given by means of those who have power and cash to those who are seeking the political seats. In regard to the records of art, it refers to the support that kings, popes and the rich furnish to artists like musicians, painters and sculptors. Sometimes it involves the act of providing workplaces and church premises to these artists in order to enable them to perform their work successfully. This guide enabled the development of this ancient art (Adams).
Patronage is legal in some countries like Canada where the prime minister is given the opportunity to appoint senators and other senior commissioners in his government. In other countries, it refers to corrupt entities where people in power use illegal money to endorse and support their friends and relatives in politics. This is an illegal way of playing as a patron.
Impacts of patronage on renaissance art
Renaissance refers to the period immediately after the middle ages in Europe which saw a great revival of interest in the classical learning and values of ancient Greece and Rome. With the emergence of political stability and growing prosperity, there were development of art and technologies which includes technologies like printing, music and painting. These works of art are now referred to as Renaissance art. The following are the ways in which patronage had on the emergence and development of renaissance art.
One of the ways in which patronage impacted Renaissance art is trough financial support. With the financial support that kings and popes gave to talented artists, the artists were able to produce quality and also they were able to develop their talents and thus let to growth in the industry. With the financial support also, the artist felt encouraged and thus they worked hard to make sure they earn more. This was done by the patron by being regular customers or even providing direct help through direction of funds to the projects of the artists. In this case the art will be made popular and the artist gets exposure and gets more customers. With this kind of exposure, the art developed in a very positive way.
Another way in which patronage impacted the renaissance art is through offering of offices and church benefices in order to make sure that they have a place where they perform. With the provision of these working places, the offices acted like a business point where they served their customers and also do advertisement. This way, the artists were encouraged to work hard in developing their art and thus leading to development of their works (Richarfson, Carol ).
The patrons also helped the artists by appointing them to some executive positions in their government in order to make sure that they get supplied well and also to make sure that they get moral support of continuously working in their art. This led to the growth of the ancient technologies in these ancient countries like Italy and Greece. With this support the popularity of the art developed and thus wit passing years, many got the opportunity to appreciate it.
North Renaissance
This occurred between the fifteenth and sixteenth century in North Europe in areas including France, the Netherlands, Germany and Flanders. It includes pictorial works in a range of media including painting, prints and textiles. During this period, the Catholic Church had absolute power over everything. The Arnolfini portrait is an example of the Northern Renaissance. This is a painting which attracted many and opposed the changes of time. It’s also very relevant today.
The artist here used various layers of oil paints to produce different features of a painting like shadows and different facial expressions. The leadership helped the artist in making sure that he works at a good and composed manner by providing resources and thus making this artwork a success.
Italian Renaissance
Italian renaissance is also termed as the southern Renaissance. An example is the creation of Adam by Michelangelo. This art forms part of the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling. Creation of Adam illustrates the biblical creation narrative of Adam and Eve. The pope of that time helped the artist to walk through the path of painting and made it a success. This painting is still very popular today and it has gained value through the days.
In conclusion, the renaissance art developed successfully because of the upper hand that it had with the leadership of that time. The wealthy, kings and the pope helped in encouraging and financing the artists thus leading to development of the art over the period. It is therefore been a positive impact that the Patrons brought to the renaissance art.

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