Partisan Nature of US Politics

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Political preferences and party-related interests characterize politics. In most cases, party preferences trump national interests, shaping the essence of politics inside American spaces. The political bigwigs in America include the Democrats and Republicans, who dominate Congress and decide the American voting trend. The country’s congress serves as the people’s delegate. The theme that occurs during debates and motions in the house has an impact on how the public perceives national problems. The majority in Congress will decide government policy and its execution. The congressional representatives remain loyal to specific party ideologies. The government, in this case, may fail to implement policies given the division based on political polarization. Among the general party issues to do with security, economy and health are highlighted by political alignments. The American unity has declined over the years and aspects of non-partisan approach remain only to be seen during specific periods. The American population and congress are polarized based on political ideologies.

According to Desilver (2014), political polarization in the 21st century by statistics was 56% for the liberals and 44% remain conservatives. The study shows a rise in the nature in which the Americans view the political spaces. The statistics highlight effect of a party in matters policy making and implementation. The population will align themselves along party lines while addressing issues climate change, national security, and immigration. There exist a number among the population that believe the need to address national issues in a moderate manner but the population is more marginal and has no effect while highlighting matters of polarization in the 21st century. Criticism of the government bases on a person’s political alignment. According to PewResearch Center (2014), democrats dominate liberal positions and most of the republicans are of the conservative positions. The statistics introduce elements of republican-learning independents and democratic learning independents who align themselves along the newly found political alignments.

Opinions on the government policy and decisions made in the congress highlight partisan approaches. According to Fiorina and Adam, partisan related antipathy has risen over the years (567-70). Comparing the earlier period of the 21st century and the last Obama administration the country was more divided based on party ideologies. The democrats remained pro-governments in their opinion while the republican oppose policies driven by the Obama administration. In this case, foreign policies and healthcare highlight policies that suggest political polarization in America. The republicans create a sense of revolt against policies implemented by the government. Healthcare policy created a sense of division among the US population with the republican highlighting flows within the policy while the democrats created a sense of support to the new policy. There exists no concrete reason as to why the republicans opposed the policy while democrats supported the policy. The only reason was based on their political alignments.

The decision on foreign policies highlights a partisan approach in congress. The majority in congress takes the day. Votes bases on congressional representatives political alignment rather than personal ideology. All democrats were against the move while the republican supported a military approach to ending the civil war. The decision had an impact on the nature in which the US dealt with the issue. Immigration and the decision opinion on the Mexican wall take a partisan approach. The current administration proposed the construction of a wall along the Mexican wall to reduce immigration and drug smuggling. The congress and the public have divided opinion the same. The natures of politics within the country play part in determining the public positions. The needs to create a nonpartisan approach to security issues have been dealt a blow by the nature in which the public align themselves along party ideologies. There exist reasons as to why the country remained more polarized in matters politics.

According to Mansbridge economic factors and aspect of inequality are to blame for the current political polarization (2016). Mansbridge highlights that compared to the Gilded Period, the country had become more unequal. Factors to do with income and the social classes recorded massive gaps. The issue had created a sense of disunity among the local population. Those who feel discontented with the current government would align themselves along the opposition and adapt their ideologies with the hope that the gap would change. Those enjoying tranquility would support the current regimes. The 2008 financial crisis highlighted a more polarized nation with the congress taking partisan approaches while debating government proposed policies. The crisis had a global effect and models proposed to stabilize the markets, faced resistance from the opposition while support from those aligned with the government. The public opinion was divided with most citing political elements on whether they supported or disagreed with the proposed government models.

Political realignment and elections are to blame for the partisan approach. According to Mansbridge (2016), as the country nears a presidential or gubernatorial election, the country begins to adapt party ideologies and undertake a partisan approach on current matters. Fiorina and Abrams indicate a changing trend between the post and pre-election periods (566). Concepts of togetherness in the first years after the election given the public anticipation are high. As the country nears election, a new trend appears to congress and the public being polarized based on party positions. Political realignments are to blame for the trend experienced before elections. States that previously were perceived either democrats or republicans have become swing state or align with the opposite party. The effect is that people tend to take interest in the outcome of an election thus changing the nature of politics. The result is that states would identify themselves along party line thus taking partisan positions on any issue affecting the nation.

In conclusion, the American population highlight aspect of polarization in the nature in which the deal with political issues. The aspect remains a cycle with periods before election highlighting the American public as partisan while affected elections, nonpartisan aspects are recorded. The trend tends to be triggered by failed expectations with the public being frustration by the nature of the economy and increased inequality. The congress and the public tend to adapt party ideologies given their frustration or satisfaction with the administration. Foreign policy and national security highlight aspects that over the years have labeled the country as politically polarized. The 21st century indicates the country as being politically polarized compared to the earlier century. The economy and need for change had created a political shift thus having an effect in the nature in which people perceived national issues. Politics remain a concern among the citizens. Nonpartisan approaches tend to remain visible during the initial years of the presidential elections while fading towards the beginning of another election.

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