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A dog park is a public fenced area the place people and their dogs can play and enjoy nature walks. Dog parks have multiplied over the last decade this is due to the fact many people owing pets. Dog parks simply like any other region should be secure and clean for each the residents as well as the pet owner. With a secure and clean canine parks, it is easier to preserve and even manage the canine wastes.
The demand of dog parks has for that reason increased; this has resulted to many neighborhood parks that have been resolved over the latest decade. There is need for non-profit canine parks, funded by the applicable government authorities to supply recreational possibilities where new shoppers can easily acquire or rent their pets.

The dog park should be located a few miles away from the residential neighborhood. The optimal size of the dog park should be thirty-five acres, with a minimal of three divisions. That is for the big dogs, small dogs, medium dogs and female dogs. The big dogs and the small dogs will take the bigger propositions of the land.

In the site plan, I propose that the park should have concrete and graph land division, along with grassy land to offer a multi-type of topology to the dogs added. It is good practice for the dog park to have proper sink age for the dog owners, this is to train and make the owners aware about the facilities present in the park.

A proper water management system, a separate dustbin for dog poops, along with poop bag should be added site proposal in the dog park to make it even more succefull. These bins should be at least ten in number in a neighborhood park to avoid the reluctance of owner walking a long way to dispose the poop.

I propose that the parking spot be advanced to cater for basement parking in order to accommodate more cars and to avoid any traffic jam and crowdedness of the area that might create problem for the other people and also help in the decreasing of noise pollution.

The terrain should have enough trees and heat shelters all around to cover the dogs, during extreme weather conditions and heat waves. I therefore recommend that the dog park should have enough trees all around it. Encouraging people to plant trees just to make the environment more conducive for the dogs and people using the park can achieve this.

The dog park helps the community in different type of ways. The site plan is very conducive this is because it has clearly distinguished the major divisions that should be considered. Namely the section where the big dogs will be placed next to it is where the small dogs will be and the female dogs will be at the bottom corner next to the check points.

The park lacks a local doctor or nurse to verify the health of the dog, which will result to creating surety and trust among the people bringing the dogs and letting them mix with others without any risk. The park should also ensure that the fence division is included, to avoid the mix of dogs and to keep each type of dog safe. It will also help in preventing the nearby residential children from bits by the dogs.

My personal view is that the park is just a few miles from the local community and it provides a perfect place where people could train their dogs. Through researches that have been carried out over the recent years it has been found that dog activities are healthy, if trained and exposed to natural environment, without being controlled through lease.

The relationship between the people and their pets is what has increased the demand of dog parks there is need for dogs to be exposed to natural environment and learn in an adaptive environment.

The dog parks have different benefits for the land users mainly the people residing close to these parks. They provide an environment where the owners can get information about local veterinarians, pet stores, groomers and referrals that are related to employment and housing. The local governments also ask dog owners to help address issues such as pet overpopulation and park maintenance.

With all the positive impacts that are associated with dog parks there are also the negative part of it. Dog parks are a major cause of noise pollution this is a result of the large number of dogs that are hosted in the park and their numerous baking. Parking and traffic becomes very hectic and tiresome this is because of the increased number of people who owe cars.

Most dog parks have limited car parking space and therefore forcing drivers to move around in circles as they try to look for a place to park their cars. The constant rotation of cars causes traffic and thus becomes a hinder for accessing the parks. The crowdedness causes loud noise through hooting.

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