Panic disorder

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The anxiety condition notorious for surprising panic attacks can be described as a panic disorder. It is an acute time of sudden panic that can lead to trembling, sweating, and shortness of breath. Within minutes, the optimum degree can be attained.
Potential Triggers
Any forms of panic disorder are inherited by the families of another. The psychological reasons like traumatic life-threatening experiences that a person was once exposed to are other triggers (Barlow, 2014). After a life-threatening incident, if similar events came about, one will still be in extreme danger. Annually, it affects about 2.7 percent of the American population.
Those suffering from panic disorder can be treated using a series of therapy sessions. Cognitive behavioral therapy is seen as the most effective form of treating panic disorder (Barlow, 2014). This treatment focuses on the pattern of thinking that can cause or trigger a panic attack and how to develop behavior that would help avoid them.

Question 4

Bipolar mood disorder

Bipolar mood disorder is the mental disorder that is associated with periods of depression as well as periods of elevated mood. It can make a person feel abnormally irritated or energetic, or happy.

Possible cause of bipolar mood disorder

Hormonal imbalance is the known common cause of bipolar mood disorder. Other factors believed to be causing this disorder is the abuse, traumatic events, and even mental stress.

About one percent of America population is said to be suffering from bipolar mood disorder annually.

Treatment of bipolar mood disorder

Mood stabilizer can be used to treat this mental disorder. Some of the mood stabilizer includes lithium, valproic acid, and divalproex sodium.

Question 5

Dissociative identity disorder

It is a situation where more than one distinct identity takes control of a person. It causes memory loss that the person cannot explain with forgetfulness(Barlow, 2014). It is associated with identity fragmentation. It was previously referred to as multiple personality disorder.

Possible causes of dissociative identity disorder

There are various causes of dissociative identity disorder such as war, a prolonged period of isolation, or loss of a parent at an early age. Prolonged trauma at childhood is also another known cause of this disorder.

It is estimated that about one percent of the American population suffers from dissociative identity disorder every year.

Treatment of dissociative identity disorder

There is no known perfect cure for dissociative identity disorder. However, talk therapy, psychotherapy, and hypnotherapy are said to assist people suffering from this disorder.

Question 6

Paranoid personality disorder

Paranoid personality disorder is a mental ailment that is characterized by long-standing suspiciousness and mistrust of others. Those who are suffering from this personality are usually hypersensitive and easy to irritate(Barlow, 2014). They usually think that they are in danger and look out for the signs of any threat around them all the time.

Possible causes of paranoid personality disorder.’

This disorder is associated with families who have a history of schizophrenia. Though early childhood trauma is can also be a contributing factor.

It is said that about two to four percent of the population suffers this kind of disorder every year.


The most effective treatment of people suffering from a paranoid personality disorder is a therapy that focuses on simple supportive, client-centered approach.


Barlow, D. H. (Ed.). (2014). Clinical handbook of psychological disorders: A step-by-step treatment manual. Guilford publications.

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