Pacific Rim’s Southwest Anchor – Australia and New Zealand

A relative location is one that is defined solely in relation to another location. The transportation and communication networks have recently changed to be more direct, and contact between nations has increased significantly as a result of the simpler ways to travel between either country in a short period of time. Places where people used to travel for months by ship or other means of transportation are now more like villages, regardless of distance, since people can travel to those destinations in a short amount of time. Australia’s connectivity and transportation position has shifted dramatically from the middle of the Pacific to a small village. These are due to the improvement in the technology. Despite the distance been long away technically it almost next door time wise.

As the transportation professionals have considered maximising the speed in theirs transportation plans through the use of the modern technology, it has made it easier for the movement of goods and people in both short and long distances more quicker which has increased the interaction of people encouraging the economic opportunities as well as promoting trade between nations. In 1600, the Australia used electric telegraph, as transport and communication were underdeveloped. The postal services were operated by the government which required lengthy procedures to undertake. The emergence of innovation in 1635 through the introduction of Royal mails was significance as it created communication across long distances. These made the interaction between New Zealand and Australia easier.

Globalisation has changed the lives of people in New Zealand and Australia leading them into uncharted territory. As compared to the 1600’s were communication and transportation was inaccessible, in the recent days the new technologies have made the live easier as it has cut down the cost of global travelling and communication. The nations have been able to interact and expose the practices and traits of other cultures. Improved communication and transport networks have led to the formation of trading blocs, which have resulted in the removal of trade barriers and investment making business cheaper between the nations.

Globalisation has forced their industries to grow more quickly as through trade blocs the nations have been able to access raw materials and equipment’s cheaper due to the free trade between Australia and New Zealand. Movement of technology and new ideas between the nations have largely increased due to well-connected transport and communication networks. Well-built transport systems have reduced the transportation of raw materials from the source to the industries and the movement of the finished final products in the nation through lessening the cost of shipping. These in return has generated availability of employment opportunities for its citizens due to the growth of many industries, which has raised the standards of living of people in Australia and New Zealand.

The industries in Australia and New Zealand have penetrated through new markets increasing industries produce leading to the earning high-profit margin. The countries have been able to transport perishable goods for long distances through aeroplanes that are refrigerated. As compared to early 1600, it is hard to transport perishable goods over long distances due to poor transport networks which made industries and people to incur higher cost during the transportation. Similarly, it was tough to communicate to people from other countries has it took an extended period to get feedback from the recipient. In the recent days talking to people from different parts of the country, it is very easy, as the sender will get immediate feedback regarding any information required.

As compared to 1600’s, in present days there is an increase in personal contact through international travels and tourism were tourist have been able to tour other nations for recreation enabling earning of foreign exchange. New Zealand has been one of the leading countries that receive more tourist throughout the year. Through well-connected communication networks, the country has been able to connect with a tourist who visits their country. In early 1600, it was hard for people as well as institutions to acquire relevant information as compared to the recent days were transition had taken place where information is available on the internet, and people can obtain useful information through secure servers.

With the modern technology, there is no doubt substantial improvement to Great Britain’s communication, and transportation networks have been attained in the early modern era. At the beginning of the 1600s, the magnitude of the enhancement in the lives of the ordinary people was not that high. In the recent days, the travel speeds have been increased facilitating quick movement of individuals and goods to different nations. The movement of information has been moved from the old regime were a letter would take weeks or even months to reach its destination to a new era where it can reach the recipient within seconds. These have increased the cooperation between New Zealand and Australia more productive hence increasing their economic development. Continued improvement of the transport and communication networks will enable the countries to transform their businesses to the next level as well as raising the standards of living of the citizens of the countries.

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