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The abortion controversy tends to provoke a wide range of responses from both pro-choice and pro-life advocates. Both sides base their claims on the act’s morality. The prochoice movement argues that there is no risk in getting an abortion if it is needed by circumstances. According to prochoice advocates, the unborn child’s survival is entirely dictated by the mother’s choices. It is therefore up to the mother’s discretion to determine whether to bear the fetus to maturity or to terminate the pregnancy under the circumstances. The prolife on the other hand believe that no matter the circumstance, it is only God who has the right to life and thus none should make any attempt to take it. The prolife argue that the pain the baby experience during abortion is inhuman thus it can only be fare if the unborn lives to maturity. I join the prolife in push for saving a life and thus believe that it is wrong to take the life of unborn.

Despite the stand that abortion is a crime, there is no doubt that those who opt to do it have reasons worth the call and they are justified in their quest. For instance, Judith Jarvis Thomson in the article, “A Defense of Abortion” outlines a number of analogies to justify the need for abortion. Of important is the analogy of “the expanding child”- fetus and the ‘house’- the mother, wherein Thomson noted that the ‘expanding child’ is allowed to do so but under no circumstance should such actions threaten the wellbeing of the mother. This article postulates that the mother of the unborn child has the right to react to the action of the fetus by aborting as a way to save the mum from the danger the pregnancy may pause. Thomson however notes that the decision should not be influenced by the third party but rather the mother’s choice. In this connection, the decision to abort therefore must prove beyond reasonable doubt that the mother’s life was indeed in danger and that aborting the fetus was the only viable solution to the ethical dilemma. Ectopic pregnancy is such an example where the mother’s life could be endangered and hence provide for an abortion as a way of relieving the mother from the foreseen danger. The scenario therefore highlights one of the justifiable cases where the life of the fetus may be short-lived to save the life of the mother.

On the morality perspective, and with specific focus to deontologists’ view, the act of abortion should be performed as long as it is within the law. A number of nations have legalized abortion in their country and this makes it even stronger to practice. It therefore implies that one is legally allowed to perform the same. The underlining principle here is that an act should not be judged on the basis of the outcome but on the motive of the doer. There are many reasons that may make one to perform the act as long as the action does not interfere with the freedom or peace of another. The moral behavior is determined by the duty of care which the law of any nation across the globe should intend to create. Any action performed within the law thus should not be qualified as good just like abortion has been legalized and thus there ought not to be any justification to perform it.

An abortion is justified especially where the process of pregnancy was not agreed to by the mother. In cases where a mother has been raped and the consequence of such rape leads to pregnancy then, it would be in the interest of the mother to conduct an abortion. The trauma that such victims of rape undergo often is immeasurable and therefore if such individual decides to abort then, there should be no cause for alarm. Otherwise, allowing such pregnancy to proceed to maturity will offer trauma which may hamper with the mother’s health. In this case the happiness of the mother should be given priority. This view is supported by the fact that ‘the end justifies the means’ as put forward by the teleological group of thinkers. With regard to the above, if the abortion yields more happiness to the mother, then there is no problem with abortion. The act of abortion to the mother who has selected the option is indeed desirable and one that will offer long lasting peace of mind.

An abortion that is called for on the basis of economic situation is truly one that will end up creating a comfortable life. If one decides to take an abortion because he or she is unable to take care of the prospective kid, then, there should be no criticism from the prolife group. There is no need of giving birth to an individual if at all you cannot take care of it. Children require food, education and entertainment which are not free and expensive to afford. In this connection, other than give birth and let them suffer, it would be important for the mother to take an abortion as a precaution. People born out of poverty often find it difficult to cope up in life, such individuals end up making mistakes that could have been avoided by their parents. Stealing, drug trafficking and prostitutions become the alternative for such individuals who were born without plan. On the basis of the above considerations, it becomes apparent that there ought not to be criticism for one who has opted to abort to cope up with economic terms.

Age also matters when it comes to parenthood. It is only right that an adult bears a young one. Where a minor is impregnated, it is in the interest of the minor for such pregnancy to be terminated to offer the minor a chance to prepare for such motherhood in future. Termination of such pregnancy will offer the minor an opportunity to undertake some basic aspect of life such as education as well as sense of belonging within the family. The baggage that comes with upbringing a young one is one that can only be undertaken by the adult. Any minor who by accident or through other means gets pregnant should therefore have the same terminated to offer an opportunity to learn how to be able to take care of her kids in future. The foregoing scenario equally offers tangible reason to be able to conduct an abortion where such has been brought forth by unforeseen calamities. The underlining reasons under this situation are the fact that a minor may not have the time and the resources that is required to take care of the potential baby.

As it stands, it is apparent that abortion is on the rise and for the right reasons highlighted for this whether convincing or not is a choice that the mothers have decided which they are unwilling to cede grounds against. The choice being made may not make sense to the prolife but nevertheless it is a call that has been made by the only one who wears the shoe and thus should not be questioned. The decision to abort as outlined offers more comfort to the doers than those who are not affected by the act directly.

In conclusion, it is important to abort so as to make life comfortable and peaceful to the mother. The reasons highlighted to support the call however can be summarized as; first, it offer the other a chance to be able to plan economically without facing any financial difficulties for lack of planning. The second reason is to be able to offer a minor an opportunity to continue with education as well as to be mature enough to practice the parenthood. The third reason is to be able to take care of unplanned and uncalled for pregnancy such as in the case of rape where the consent of the mother is not elicited. And lastly in case of medical complication such as ectopic pregnancy the mother may have no otherwise but to abort the unborn baby. Based on the above it is not doubt that abortion is the best way to go as means to ending unwanted and unplanned for pregnancy.

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