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A deeper perception of all the risk strategies and elements for screening child maltreatment can assist specialists who are working with families and children to perceive various types of high-risk maltreatment situations, for example: sexual abuse, children with disabilities, neglect and assessment of kids under protection. The steps to take after suspecting maltreatment include: recognizing the exert child abuse, appreciation the nature of abuse, disclosing child abuse to relevant authorities and the closing step is to report the crime to the authorities.
What is your legal responsibility for reporting suspected abuse or neglect? What kind of documentation should you have when reporting suspected abuse to SCR?

The legal obligation of reporting suspected child neglect or abuse is to protect the child if the reporter believes that the child requires protection on reasonable ground, to report immediately without delay, and to report a belief. The necessary documentation when reporting include: the name, address, age and gender of the child, approximate time and date when the act occurred, nature and degree of injury, name of the offender, documentation of any medical action taken , and the circumstances that led the reporter to know the abused child.

Why are children especially susceptible to infectious illness and how can teachers work with families and community to prevent the spread of illnesses?

Children are susceptible to infectious illness because they belong to critical space of development and exposure, as well as vulnerability windows caused by their increased physiological needs for water, food and air. Teachers can work with the community and families in reducing spread of illnesses through promoting proper hygiene in schools. They can achieve this through ensuring that there are sinks with clean water in or near classrooms, toilets are clean are readily available always, and by ensuring that children wash their hands after visiting the toilets and before eating food or snacks.

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