Option 3: Modifications to the American Health-Care System

If I were elected president of the United States of America, my priority would be to ensure that health care services are provided in a completely different way. Following the numerous concerns that citizens have raised through the media and social media, I would summon the most seasoned health practitioners and suggest that they devise effective ways to provide medical assistance to the country’s citizens (Barr 82). I will also increase the number of funds that are located to the help the institutions to conduct more research studies on the different ways they can use to better the way they provide medical assistance to the people. In doing this, the paper will check on various issues that the health care system that is promoting or will move me as the new head of the country to call for modifications to be done in the sector. The paper will also discuss the various tactics which can be employed to help in saving the health care situation in the nation.

First of all, the consumer based health insurance system in the country has resulted in a severe human rights problem that makes a large number of people in the country to fail to access medical services that they need for them to lead healthier lives. The main problem is that about thirty two million people in the country do not have insurance plans, which makes them not to get the best care in the hospitals thereby accounting for hundreds of thousands of deaths annually that could be prevented if the health care system could be adequately organized to help every person in the nation in meeting their health needs (National Center for Health Statistics, 2016). The problem also continues despite the many resources that are being pumped into the health care system to safeguard the right to better health. There is also an ironic higher spending in the healthcare as well as higher repetition of the health reform efforts. Social structures such as race, ethnicity, culture, socioeconomic position, as well as the environment have turned out to be among the factors that determine the people who become sick and those who get high-quality medical assistance in the country. The most affected groups comprise of the low socioeconomic groups and the minor races who can be said to constitute of the people of color, the poor, and the immigrants. I believe that this can be avoided by making sure that there are strict measures against the health officers who discriminate their customers basing on the race, socioeconomic position, and culture. I believe this will lower the number of people who are being denied an opportunity to gain accesses to medical services in the country. I will also make sure that there is accountability in the way the funds or resources allocated in improving the delivery of healthcare services are being used in the health facilities in different parts of the country. This will result in the nation realizing a rise in the level efficiency in the delivery of services as it will demolish and health structures in the society that would use to promote the improper use of the health resources.

There exist great barriers to accessing the best medical care in the country, the issue of substantial load o medical debts as well as the shortage of primary care organization which all impact the health of the people adversely, even the people who are being sponsored by their employers in covering the insurance expenses. The main issue that is affecting the way medical services are provided to the people is because of the increased cases of privatization as well as commodification of the medical care system which show their much care on the consumer and the profits that are acquired from offering the medical services to the people which in turn result to a rise in the devaluation of the human needs, human dignity, as well as equality. I believe that this has to be ruled out entirely for a positive change to be noted in that nation. Such institution realizes higher levels of infant mortality rates as well as fall in the life expectancy in comparison with other developed countries ((Bittoni, 423). Most of the families in the countries go broke just trying cover for their medical expenses which results in most of them failing to receive better care, and thus most of them end up losing their loved ones in the end.

However, the problem is also brought about by the fact that country has the lowest number of health professionals such as the nurse, physicians, and doctors as compared to other higher income countries all over the world. In this case, I will make sure that the state invests more income in motivating more students in taking the healthcare courses which in turn will increase the number of medical experts that will be employed into the public hospitals to help provide the best care to people (Frieden, 2). The country can also outsource more health experts just to see that there is enough workforce in the health institutions to help them achieve their health desires and needs. The other problem is that most of the health organizations are located in high-income areas which indicates that the hospitals are driven by their desire to make massive profits from their businesses which in turn affects the lower socioeconomic demographics in the country as they remain in a dangerous position of not being able to access the health care at the right time. This has resulted in a rise in the number of deaths in the nation (Bittoni, 421). In dealing with this, I will call for the proper spread of healthcare facilities, especially the public hospitals into areas where they are needed the most (Frieden, 2). This will result in easy access to the health services by the people which will, in turn, improve the health of the people. I will also make sure there is an improvement in the primary care infrastructure in the country, which will also result in the easy access to health services by all the people in various parts of the country. I will put in place bills that do not promote discrimination on gender terms which will result in both women and men accessing medical services equally which in turn will lead to an improvement in the health standards in the country (Frieden, 2).

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