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Recent technological advancements have had different impacts on various facets of the day-to-day life of the general public. This is because, as technology progresses, each person must select the paradigm that he or she will adopt and, as such, either retain conventional approaches or modern strategies resulting from technological advances for achieving the desired outcome. This preference paradigm refers to technical developments in communication and the way in which people adopt or maintain conventional methods in the particular ways that technology affects. Given the broad application of technology advances in either hardware as well as software developments, or the numerous decisions that individuals have to make as pertains to both advances, this paper will specifically address the issue of how communication has been affected by the internet, more so as concerns dating. As such, this paper will offer an insight into the choice model mentioned above and highlight the reasons that cause the stagnation to traditional methods or the adaptation to the new online avenues of online dating.
To begin with, a number of differences, advantages and disadvantages exist as concerns traditional and online dating which directly influences the choice an individual will make. Firstly, the differences that exist between traditional and online dating revolve around the manner in which people meet and date. Traditionally, the dating scene was seen to follow specific rules that included the fact that the man had to initiate the meet up as well as select the locations where dates would take place. This also included the fact that the man was expected to pay for expenses thereof when the face to face meeting took place. As such, dating was traditionally a more physical experience that required for the physical presence of both parties. This differs from online dating which has no specific set rules to follow and does not rely on the physical presence of the parties. This is because online dating relies heavily on the use of the internet and capabilities that allow for chatting, video chatting and the possibility of selecting the person to date amongst the many people who have signed up on the various sites that allow for online dating (Brogaard, 2013). This difference is applicable at present with the advances in communication technologies that allow for people to date on the move using mobile applications.
Secondly, the advantages that each model offers create an avenue through which individuals can decide on the model that they will use. As regards traditional dating, the major advantage aligns to the physical attraction that exists when two people meet. This physical attraction is pegged on the fact that an individual can be able to decide on the compatibility between him and herself with the other party from the physical meetings that take place between them. In addition, traditional dating offers a level of security that arises from the fact that the physical dates are done in locations where the individuals are surrounded by other individuals thus taking away the anonymity of both parties. This is further strengthened by the fact that due to the required sets of rules that are followed, the parties will have an insight of some kind into who they are dating.
As regards online dating, the major advantage is that from the different avenues available, an individual can be able to sign up and access a large pool of individuals from which they can select the ones they want to date (Brooks, 2011). This accessibility has allowed for people of different races, people in different geographic locations and different sexual preferences to have an avenue where they can meet and choose their dating mates. Brooks (2011) further indicates that online dating has reduced the costs relating to dating due to the development of matchmaking services using scientific methods and the use of remapping services to narrow down the areas of interest that online dating individuals can access. All these advantages of online dating result from the freedom that is experienced from the expansive reach of the internet and its effectiveness in allowing individuals to fit other activities into their busy schedules. It is because of online dating that busy individuals have a ray of hope in their dating life since it allows for a certain flexibility that does not require the physical presence of two individuals to meet up for them to be dating (Perry, 2017).
Although the above has identified the advantages that would lead an individual to apply either the traditional or online dating methods, a number of disadvantages exist that would lead one from choosing either method of dating. For starters, disadvantages of traditional dating include the need to constantly socialize, limited choices, long hours to find potential partners and deceiving first impressions (, 2017). As discussed above, traditional dating has a set of rules that apply to how, when, who, and where as regards dating. Therefore, there is a need to be physically and constantly socialize as a way of individuals creating or putting themselves in scenarios where they will be able to identify potential partners. This goes hand in hand with the fact that constantly socializing does not necessary imply that one will eventually find the partner they seek and as such, may lead to many hours towards finding their partner. In addition, the fact that first impressions do count, it is probable that due to human nature, first dates may reflect deceiving impressions since both parties may need to impress each other.
As concerns online dating, factors such as dishonesty, crowding, pickiness, cost and lack of physical contact between individuals are the core disadvantages (, 2017). Given the fact that online dating profiles are filed without actual verification of the person, the issue of deception plays a major role. This creates a risk where individuals can create profiles that do not depict any honesty and profiles speak volumes into their fake successes in life or their need for love. These situations put the other parties at risk that can unknowingly be setting themselves up for heartbreak, scams or even their own privacy at danger. This risk is further complicated by the crowding that is evidenced online which might be the reason for the dishonesty since the huge number of online daters is on the increase, thereby forcing people to create a persona that they think is what others are looking for as a means of getting an edge on other users. This issue of crowding also creates a brick wall that is met with frustrations since a number of people might be interested in one particular person and therefore forcing users to go through a multitude of profiles in search of the right partner. The other disadvantage revolves around pickiness where compatibility measures are set to high and tend to overlook that no one is perfect. In such a situation, as discussed under deception, other users may be forced to create false profiles while the picky person reduces their chance of meeting their potential partner. In as much as the internet allows for one to set their own standards, it is imperative that individuals set standards that are not too picky as a means of ensuring a level playing field. It thus follows that the adage of tall, dark, handsome and rich that women have used to describe their preferred partners has its shortcomings. This is because, even the short, light, not handsome nor extremely rich may be the perfect partner but because of pickiness, individuals lose out on the best potential; partners.
The disadvantage of cost as concerns online dating is one that locks out many individuals who may require the use of the internet to be in contact with their potential partners. Most dating sites have a required payment or subscription that is attached to the eligibility of individuals using online dating sites. This differs from the traditional method that allowed for individuals to freely meet potential partners and by putting a cost on the service, locks out many singles that do not have the resources but are looking for love.
The last disadvantage highlights the lack of physical contact that exists in online dating. According to (Ben-Zeev, 2014) physical contact plays a crucial role in the development of any relationship and where it is absent, may lead to one feeling unloved and unwanted. Due to the nature of online dating, physical contact is minimal while the use of technology to create avenues to communicate is huge. This means that online daters will have the ability to communicate with a large number of people but does not provide a way for this person to be in physical contact. Hence, where individuals have lied or live multiple lives, it is going to be difficult to know the truth since one can be able to create an alter ego for online presence while living another life.
The paper has discussed the advantages and disadvantages of both traditional and online dating methods. It is evident that the move from traditional to modern methods of dating relies heavily on technological advances especially as concerns the internet. It is from the internet that dating sites and mobile applications are simplifying the manner of dating. Given the discussed advantages and disadvantages of both methods, the choice to use either is a personal decision that requires that individuals are cautious and consider which of the two methods best aligns to their personalities.

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