On the justice of the sexes

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Gender representation is a problem that has persisted in the Bible since ancient times. The persona is a female, but he bases his reasoning on how men sometimes treat women to appease themselves by sex and satisfy them in bed. For the past decades, a woman’s role in society has been lamentable, putting her in a situation that lets her live a submissive life to men’s needs and desires. The speaker argues that in the presence of women, men in today’s culture will fight to achieve fame and supremacy. In addition, men want women’s praise because it is an indicator of how many women will gain their attention.
Triumph is one of the appealing features that women look for in men. The speaker asserts that only the man has the privilege to enjoy sex while the woman is to act like a sex object. Even though from his reasoning and heartfelt thoughts the speaker believes there is a need for a change on the way things exist to help women restore their prestige when it comes to sex. In his argument, the speaker feels that the place of women when it comes to sex has been undermined. Consequently, they have no say in sex activity and that it is the man who commands when they feel like having sex. The speaker’s reasoning is conservative; he feels everything is just right the way God established the nature of things for each of the genders. However, he uses a sad tone to express what horrible situations that women undergo when having sex at the expense of man’s sexual pleasure.

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