Offshore drilling

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Bailey’s article Offshore Drilling Remains a Gamble Worth Taking Ronald addresses the positives and disadvantages of offshore exploration. In the report, he notes that critics of offshore exploration have argued that the move is risky due to leaks and is not a worthwhile investment. Due to the pressure from the proponents and the natural resource defence council, Obama decided to halt any further offshore exploration until a report by of investigation is complete. The article suggests that the economic benefits of offshore drilling include increased revenues, lower oil prices, and reduced fluctuation in oil price.

The report provides adequate information on the economic benefits of offshore drilling which is important in the preparing of the argument. Consequently, the author not only considers the benefits of offshore drilling but also acknowledges concerns by several environmental groups and government agencies on the effects of oil spills that results in loss of aquatic life.

Davenport, Coral. “Obama Expected To Ban Offshore Drilling In Some Federal Waters”. Nytimes.Com, 2017,

The article looks at the possible reasoning that has resulted to Obama deciding to make such an important step in the offshore drilling. The article argues that reason, why Obama has chosen to take such a drastic change, is because of his policy on maintaining the environmental policy. Primarily, the law that governs how the nation leases and uses federal water for offshore drilling and exploration gives the president such powers to put those waters off-limit for gas and oil drilling. Importantly, other environmental bodies have requested the president to use his power to ensure that he creates friendly laws to protect the ecosystem.

The article is relevant as it looks from the government perspective when it comes to creating laws concerning offshore drilling and maintaining a clean environment. This shows how the government is serious in the maintenance of a healthy environment by banning some oil exploration in particular parts. Similarly, President Trump has also praised Obama methods in protecting the environment.

Freeman, Bill. “Fracking Is Not Harmful to the Environment.” The Environment, edited by Lynn M. Zott, Greenhaven Press, 2014. Opposing Viewpoints. Opposing Viewpoints in Context, Accessed 16 Mar. 2017. Originally published as “Does Fracking Harm the Environment?”, 12 Feb. 2013.

The article Fracking Is Not Harmful to the Environment by Freeman bill starts by stating that the United States government has been regulating offshore drilling in the country for a long time. In the article, he says that fracking is not harmful to the environment and will go a long way in helping the United States achieve energy independence. He continues to say the process is safe and there is an extraordinary precaution that is put in place to ensure that the adverse effects are minimal. Similarly, he states that marine resources will not be contaminated as a result of offshore drilling and the environmentalist should support the program as it environmentally friendly because of the mechanism and precautions put in place.

The article is relevant as it addresses some of the concerns by some institutions and government agencies such as underwater contamination and the technology and precautions in place to ensure that the process is safe. The article clearly supports offshore drilling by stating that the process will help the country in achieving energy independence.

“Fracking Is Harmful to the Environment.” The Environment, edited by Lynn M. Zott, Greenhaven Press, 2014. Opposing Viewpoints. Opposing Viewpoints in Context, Accessed 16 Mar. 2017. Originally published as “Fracking, Climate Change, and the Water Crisis,” Issue Brief, Sept. 2012.

The article Fracking Is Harmful to the Environment comes from an opposing viewpoint of the offshore drilling. The article begins by stating that offshore drilling results in the emission of greenhouse gases that threatens the climate. Similarly, the author of the article also says that offshore drilling release harmful gases and chemicals that find their way into the water supply, and atmosphere contributing to climate change. Importantly, the author indicates the adverse effects of climate change and suggest that the regulatory bodies should join hand in the process of saving the environment. The author brings out important issues that should be addressed before the process resume to make the environment safe.

The article is crucial as it brings out the worst side of the offshore drilling which includes contamination of water and food through the release of greenhouse gases and harmful chemicals. This is a significant concern, and the authorities should consider it. Moreover, the article helps when creating the argument because I can view the opposing ideas to help me present the topic adequately.

O’Malley, Martin. “Don’t Drill Along the East Coast.” New York Times, 2 Feb. 2015, p. A19(L). Opposing Viewpoints in Context, Accessed 16 Mar. 2017.

The article Don’t Drill Along the East Coast brings supports the banning of the offshore drilling along the densely populated regions of the country. The report draws its main argument from the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster indicated that the benefits of offshore drilling do not outweigh the threat to the environments, public health, and local economies. The article states that the cost of cleaning the spills is expensive indicating that the value used in cleaning BP Deepwater Horizon was whooping $100 in restoration expenses, and lost economic activities. Similarly, the article states that only 10% of the spill was removed during the clean-up process.

The report is crucial as it draws evidence from real life experiences and events that have occurred during the process of offshore drilling. Primarily, it brings out the bad effects of offshore drilling disaster in case it happens. This is to show that offshore drilling has some adverse effect the process should be approached with precaution to avoid such calamities.

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