Observation of Mars

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This research is to seek information on other planets in the solar system. In the lesson, I plant to build on the knowledge I already have on the solar system by carrying out a research on the other planets and decide if a manned mission to those planets are possible or not. In the end, I learnt about geology, composition, and the orbit of the planet. For my research, I plan to focus on Mars and decide whether it would be habitable or not and the way its orbit affects the trip planned. A flyby spacecraft would be needed and it should instruments like an existing telescope, Ralph, robot crane, trace gas analyzer, and safety tethers. These tools will be instrumental in collecting visual pieces of evidence that could indicate that there is the presence of life on planet Mars. The visual proof will be enough to determine whether or not planet Mars supports or has ever supported life in the ancient times. Such confirmation will include the presence of things such as workstations or any show of human activity

This is a project that is likely to take up to six weeks, and it will utilize the common technology which is regularly used by astronauts in their regular activities. In this sense, there will be no developments of a new way of doing things in a bid to carry out the study. I estimate the entire cost of conducting the survey to add up to around $300000. It is a reasonable and worthwhile expense that is commensurate with the value of knowledge that I will acquire at the end of the entire exercise.

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