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I expect to enroll in a self-learning program by studying aged adults’ lack of sensory processing and presenting my conclusions on October 2nd, 2017. It will require interviewing, listening, and writing skills practice by completing an oral history at Mercy’s Nursing Home for older adults. The estimated date for completion is the 25th of September 2017. It would also require the completion of an observational sample of older adults in a relaxed and participatory environment, such as playing card games. By studying the same party three times at various times of the day, I intend to do this social science experiment. It will include Macy Stevenson 75, Gerald Jesus 67, Mark McNealy 80, and Richard Bred 90. The date of completion will be September 30th 2017. To achieve this, I will use the NASW, CSWE, and Dolgroff as well as Lauenburg Model as benchmarks for my evaluation.

To facilitate the class discussion of a chapter using discussion board, preparing and leading an experimental learning facilitation for the chapter content- Cognitive changes with aging and personality and mental health in old age is included on October 2nd 2017. I will also organize for a speaker to present via Collaborate to discuss about Mental aging in older people.

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