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The environmental policy was one of the policies of President Obama that I agree with. The purpose of this program is to shield our world from the effects of global warming. President Obama has dramatically minimized global warming, from forging the landmark Paris climate to setting economic fuel requirements to investing in green energies, a fact that has secured a better future for our world. The agreement signed in Paris restricted global warming to no more than two centigrade falls. This was a great chance that dramatically decreased the catastrophic environmental effects of productivity that could make our world uninhabitable. The agreement included various provisions to update, verify and track individual countries strategies that aimed at reducing pollution in every five years. By forging an unprecedented agreement with China and taking a stronger domestic action, President Obama helped in catalyzing the agreement that was reached in Paris.

In his quest to reduce pollution, President Obama introduced new standards for buses and tracks, including the eighteen wheeler, transit and school buses and other large vehicles which made the to become more energy efficient thereby reducing the amount of oil consumption by over 2 billion barrels and carbon emission by 1.1 billion metric tons. Obama’s action plan entailed the clean power plan. This policy was the first ever to limit the amount of carbon that was emitted by the power plants. If successful it reduces the pollution associated with power plants by thirty-two percent by 2030, this is likely to prevent nearly 100000 attacks related to asthma and more than 3600 premature deaths. The administration also aimed at reducing the hazardous climatic pollutants. President Obama’s environment policy protected more water ecosystems, and landscapes than any president in historyThis policy were quite significant because helped increase wind power and solar energy a factor that significantly reduced pollution (“The Obameter: Tracking Obama’s Promises”).

Policy I disagree with

From Asia to Russia to the Middle East President Obama’s foreign policies had left the United States weaker than when he took over the office from his predecessor George Bush. When the president was living office some of the United States allies such as Saudi Arabia and Israel had frayed quite badly, Russia was exerting much authority and power in Eastern Europe, and Syria and even the united states relationship with the western union were questionable. Under the leadership of Obama, the American influence reduced significantly. When he ascended to power President Obama was faced with the Iraq war, and a total of 180000 American troops had been deployed. He was also dealing with a financial crisis that caused the United States level of Unemployment to rise to 10 percent.

President Obama decided to withdraw the troop from Iraq a factor that led to the emergence of the Islamic state terrorist group. Meanwhile the once highly economically growing Libya descended into anarchy after the United States helped in the ousting of Moammar Gadhafi. The Islamic State also found an avenue to continue with their terrorist act. Presided Obama underperfomed since he rested his entire strategy on the broader middle east. He reached a deal with Iraq in exchange for lifting certain sanctions. This deal did not seem to work since Iraq continued with its nuclear advancements. And because of these weak and poor foreign policies, the entire world is under threat of the Islamic State group, and so many countries such as North Korea have been advancing their nuclear agenda which threatens global security (Obama).

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