Nurture vs. Nature

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Human growth is an intricate component to understand; hence, the increasing studies on the same. The growth of a person from infant to adulthood is influenced both by the environment and by hereditary characteristics. Therefore, in development and growth as well as behavior, nature plays a major role. Similarly, but with differing degrees, the environment is also influential in how a person grows from childhood to adulthood. This paper focuses on how nurture and evolution influence the creation of an individual in that regard. In addition, how the climate and genetic factors are decided will be outlined.
It is generally accepted that children can be influenced by the atmosphere. However, they also carry specific traits from their parents. Since childhood, I was perceived to be high-tempered, particularly when wronged. As a newborn baby, I depicted this trait, and hence it is deemed as a personality. Though it is a personal thing, it is highly possible that I inherited the trait. Evidently, temperament at childhood level is rarely influenced by the environment (Levitt, 2013). Perhaps, if the trait would have begun during my adulthood, then it would be right to state that the environment modeled it. However, since I had the trait since childhood, it is highly likely that it is hereditary. Nonetheless, the environment has shaped the loving character in me during the development period. As a newborn, it is normal to seek love and care from mothers. It is an aspect that is embedded in the brain. As development continues, the environment shapes this love and care to spread to other individuals. In that regard, as I grew, the love and care towards my mother expanded to include other family members and the society at large.

As a young person, the characters I portrayed during childhood continued to be shaped to meet the current situations. As I accumulated more knowledge and information in school learning as well as social interaction, the loving and caring personality continued to expand. Though I inherited the anger issues, the society helped me in managing the same. For instance, through counseling, I could manage the anger and express the love and care much more. In an environment that is cultured with love from peers, church community, family, and school members, the love and care continue to abound. Similarly, if I were to be raised in an environment that champions crime, it is possible that other traits could have emerged to match what is offered by society.

Evidently, some genetic traits can be overcome by the environment. In other words, a caring kid may turn out to be a criminal during adulthood. As such, the environment has the tendency to change a person in both positive and negative aspects. A suitable way to establish whether the environment shapes the traits in people is the observation of individuals raised in different surroundings (Myers, 2017). Observation, in this case, implies comparing attitudes and characteristics of individuals raised in hostile environments that are full of violence, crime, or uneducated to those raised in an educated, crime-free, loving, and caring environment. There are high chances that the individuals raised in the different environments will show different behaviors.

In conclusion, personality traits are shaped by both nature and nurture. While some characters are embedded since childhood, some are acquired or modeled by the environment. Nature has the power to change our social and physical traits during the development period. It affects how kids grow and influences who they become. Through the environment, the love and caring aspect in me were cultivated to suit the present society.


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