Nuclear weapons

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Nuclear bombs have the capability of reducing cities to rubble in seconds. Under the auspices of the United Nations, the general community agrees that it is important for nuclear programs to be subjected to control; such a move will deter irrational governments from causing global havoc as well as excessive tensions. North Korea has undeniably shown beyond doubt, under her capable and current chief, Kim Jong-un (2011-present), that they will initiate active nuclear programs, showing utter disrespect for United Nations binding resolutions. Currently, the North Korean army, under Kim Jong-un, holds several atomic bombs prone to worldly mass destruction. Besides, North Korea has a number of the long-range missiles bound to the basaltic technology hence making the North Koreans possible to deliver war. Over the initial periods, since Koreas’ formation under its founding father, Kim II Sung (1948-1994), North Korea has been able to disregard the international agreements through its continuous development of her nuclear programs. Kim Jong-II (1994-2011) furthered his father’s dictatorial regime (Olivia B.).

Within the last two decades, Kim Jong-un’s North Korea has turned to be continuously dangerous and a threat in equal measures. Attempts to striking possible peace deals, for example as witnessed in the 2012 Leap Day Agreement, has always led to backfiring results. March 2013 gives a historical reminder of how North Korea enacted profound threatening measures through its possible exploitation of nuclear weapons after conducting its joint military tests and exercises within the Southern territories of the Korean peninsula. Both the US and the South Korean regime have faced military aggression from the North Koreans as history has always given demonstrations. To provoke North Korea from militarism and its continuous armament plans, the United States will have to remove its troops from the South Korean nation. In the process, the Americans should respond by airlifting aid at a staggering pace to all the Koreans upon their cooperation. However, such an approach by the US gets considered a military mistake.

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