Newspaper ethics in the media

The American Society of Newspaper Editors encouage ethical peformamce and high professionalism among journalists by creating a standard principles. This standard of principles imposes journalists with the responsibility of gathering, distributing news, and informing the society about certain issues to make concluding decisions on such matters. As stated in media codes of ethics, all journalists should avoid all situations involving conflict of interest and conduct public matters publicly, based on the standard principles. On a regular basis, the American Society of Newspaper Editors demands the accuracy acc news and opinions, including the imartialities and truths.
Screening out what is appropriate or not about a particular visual media, is a responsibility of both the viewer and the presenter of the press. Sometimes, the information that the media targeted for a particular group may end up in the wrong hands, for example, the underage may get access to what was meant for the adults. Filtering out information is a shared responsibility. In the world today, technology has advanced, and by the use of a simple remote control, one can manage the television stations he or she desires to watch. The rights to select what to watch or not is offered to all regardless of their age, gender or nationality and it is one's responsibility to use that freedom for his or her good.

Some news is educative while others are just broadcasted just for the sake of entertainment. In most cases, the real news is educative besides being informative while on the other side, fake news, those that lack any credibility and authenticity are meant to entertain the reader or the viewer. Reality TV shows are usually non-fictional and focus on a present, a past or a future event or circumstance. Reality TV shows deal with real news, interviews, talk shows and documentaries ("Reality TV"). The shows are usually educative, authentic and the information shared in most cases is credible and reliable.

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