New Imperialism and Advancement of Civilization

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Fresh Empire and Civilization Development
Thesis: In the development of humanity, the new imperialism was not advantageous as it created not only political issues, but damaged indigenous culture and industry, and encouraged conflict between cultures.
Second, in the colonies, new colonization culminated in many political issues. In several conventional political units, European nations generated disturbances. In addition, under one administration, European nations united competing societies and aimed to bring peace and order in regions where local tensions had existed for years. In the latter years, the colonial policies imposed may be traced to ethnic tensions that emerged in those regions. According to Fabri when political power forces itself into the foreground, it results in barbarism (5). Western powers experienced tension due to imperialism. Rivalries between France and Great Britain contributed to hostile conditions in colonies.
Second, new imperialism resulted in confrontations between the cultures. Europeans believed that their culture was superior compared to non-Europeans. Besides, superior races felt they had a right to civilize inferior races (Katherine 2). Therefore, they forced people to abandon their cultures and accept the Western culture. Due to the pressure to westernize cultures, colonial people were forced to reevaluate their tradition and focused on discouraging customs such as foot binding in China. New imperialism enhanced a struggle of race against race (Pearson 1). The struggle consisted of unconscious barbaric tribes (Pearson 1).
Third, new imperialism adversely affected native culture and industry. Under foreign rule, Europeans imported goods and used them in their colonies thus wiping out local craft industries. Moreover, colonial powers used colonies as sources of raw materials and markets for the imported goods thus limiting colonies from developing industries. Colonies experienced low standards of living since Europeans had funneled natural wealth from these countries to the mother countries (Fabri 5).
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