Network Diagnosis and Surveillance System

A network diagnosis and surveillance system occasionally document user’s data files and values of network overall performance to identify anomalies, determining the cause of the problem, and measure the effectiveness of the community performance. Due to advancements in computer technology which makes a non-stop diagnosis and monitoring critical is its efficacy in determining the great of net services offered to customers. In monitoring and prognosis of computer networks, the most significant performance metrics scrutinized encompass but not limited to delay, connectivity, reachable bandwidth, and packet loss rate.
Network Monitoring is the use of independent systems that primarily display a computer’s network appropriately identifying and highlighting failing and gradual components. Moreover, all the notifications and applicable procedures suggested sent through via emails and SMS to the system administrator. Network Monitoring considers as part of network management. System administrators require technical knowledge and skills to learn the interactions of new networking protocols and implementing them to the web servers and in smaller organizations functions of administration are linked to the senior engineer thus outsourcing this role (Tatum, M., 2012).

In network monitoring and diagnosis, the most substantial metrics for an active surveillance is the network connectivity since the primary purpose of a networking system is to provide and guarantee actual communication of any acute end node with the other. Due to its importance in networking, it is highly recommended that all network layers should start from the physical layer which offers reliable mechanisms for the monitoring of network connectivity. Network computer devices that route, transmit, and terminates the data referred to as network nodes that are inclusive of hosts, i.e., personal computers and phones, servers, and all the networking hardware (Peterson, L., and Davie, B., 2011).

Critical points of consideration when choosing appropriate network management systems for small businesses include ease of installation and use, substantial cost, and its feature richness. Responsible software should be affordable, intuitive to start without experiencing challenges and monitor networking resources.

The Open Source Monitoring Software for Small Network suggests several IT tools for bandwidth and network monitoring. The common source tools include but not limited to Nagios, MRTG, and Kismet. Nagios is a reliable service and host monitoring open source that is designed entirely to identify and inform the network administrator of any potential system problems. The control system is designed uniquely to run under the Linux Operating System, and the monitoring tool periodically runs system checks on hosts and services with additional external plugins. Preceding the system check on the hosts a return status information is sent back to the Nagios.

The main importance of this type of monitoring system is that during any detection of potential problems, the system can act fast and the daemon tool is used to relay notifications to the administrator through diverse methods that include SMS, instant messaging, and emails. However, these capabilities make the monitoring system more reliable and highly considered as an appropriate tool for network monitoring.


Networks recognize as critical components for the success of a business and network monitoring tools are significant as it helps reduce networking outages thus allowing companies to operate more frequently preventing revenue loss.


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