Nature and nurture

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Nature and nurture play important roles in defining the character, behavior and culture of humans (Benokraitis 62). Nature refers to genetic or inherited attributes, while nurture represents the traits and characteristics that an organism develops during its growth and development (Benokraitis 62). There is, however, a debate about the relative relation of human growth to environmental and genetic inheritance. Nevertheless, in deciding the conduct, character, and human culture of individuals, nature plays a dominant role. The coding of genes in the cells of humans determines various traits that hold more dominantly on the physical characteristics such as the color of the eye and hair, the size of ears, and height among other attributes (Benokraitis 63). Nonetheless, it is not clear if more abstract attributes such as sexual orientation and personality are genetically coded. Apparently, such traits could be influenced by the environment in which an individual is exposed (Benokraitis 63-64). However, scientists have proved that behavioral genes somewhat exist. To validate their argument, they offer the example of fraternal twins. When the twins are separated, they tend to show the same similarities in response and behavior, despite not been reared together (Benokraitis 64). This strongly indicates that genes and in that case nature play a more dominant role since people who share more similar genetic origins tend to hold similar abstract attributes, even when exposed to different environments.

Conclusively, it is evident that both nature and nurture play a role in determining the personality, behavior, and human culture of people. However, nature plays a central role. Although it is not clear whether genetic inheritance could influence abstract traits, research has shown that people that have relatively similar genes or genetic origin tend to behave and respond in a similar manner despite being exposed to different environments.

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